Friday, February 10, 2023

Taking time off work

 Today I will finally finish my rainbow socks, come hell or high water.  I didn't sleep well last night because I fell asleep before taking my night time pills that include something to help me stay asleep.  I kept tossing and turning and sweating and getting cold... it was terrible.  Getting old sucks!  But I got up at 8am, took my morning medication and surfed all the apps on my phone that I check in with during the day.  I checked the tracking of my yarn, my Loop order, my amazon orders.  I reviewed the USPS site for my incoming mail, etc.  I spent some time trying to fix issues I'm having with a google service.  I renewed my domain for another 5 years (hopeful that I'll still want to be doing this when I turn 51.  LOL.)  But my number one priority is to finish these rainbow socks so that I can mark a FO off on this year's list and feel less guilty about starting a new project next week while I'm on my vacation from work.  I have about 10 rounds of decreasing on the toes left - definitely doable before I get ready for work at 1:30pm.  I may even pull out the royal blue pair and take a look at where those stand.  I know I'm at the gusset decreases, the reason I've been dilly dallying on working on them.  That requires time & concentration since I have them TAAT on a single circular needle, I need to make sure I keep straight which rounds are decreases and which are knit even rounds.  Yesterday I found myself happily knitting around not paying attention to what I was doing.  Luckily I caught myself before I'd done too many wrong stitches and was able to correct.  Wouldn't it be fabulous if I got both pairs of socks done and could start my vacation with just an unfinished sweater in the works?  I have no delusions that I'm gonna be able to get those blue socks done unless I spend all weekend on them.  But it's a nice dream anyway. 

Next week (Monday to be exact) is my birthday and I've taken off from work for a week.  So far we have no plans other than an appointment on Tuesday afternoon.  We do have 2 meals out planned on the 2 Saturdays, but that's it.  I want to be semi-productive since this is the only time I get consecutive days off. I typically work Sun-Tues, and Thurs-Fri, which is exhausting over the long term.  It will be nice to know that I can stay up at night without worrying about what time I have to get up the next morning.  I am more of a night owl, but due to my random work schedule hours, I go to bed between 10pm-midnight most nights.  I do want to work on the first-floor clutter situation, maybe get my craft machines moved at last, put together my yoga ball chair for my craft room/office, and do a bit of sewing.  But honestly, I'm mostly looking forward to the knitting.  I might go knit in public like at a Starbucks or the Library.  Who knows.  I do need to make a real effort to get out of my house because Shannons don't fare well in isolation.  I get melancholy if I sit at home too long.  

Another thing I want to work on is checking out Skillshare programs.  I was honored to be chosen for a one-year scholarship this week, which was really cool.  They called my entry "thoughtful."  Of course, they didn't announce it until after I'd already signed up and paid for a year, so now I have a 2 year membership.  :)  Still pretty cool.  I also have some audio books I want to listen to on Audible, which I can do while I'm knitting, although I do find that I block out what I'm hearing sometimes while I'm concentrating, then have to rewind and listen closer the second or third time, like with War and Peace.  

How do you celebrate your birthday?  I'm not sure how I want to celebrate my 46th.  It's not a banner year, but I really wanted to do something fun this year, other than the typical dinner out.  I looked into painting events locally but they're either pictures I don't like or are pair paintings when there are 3 of us.  I could go see Titanic in the theaters but that reminds me of my 21st birthday, when we did that as an attempt to save a shitty birthday of watching my ex-husband sleep all day when he was working a night shift job and my not having a drivers license or car to leave my house. We got out of the theater too late to get alcohol other than some cheap wine cooler from the grocery store, which was fine because I've never been a drinker. But  it isn't a good memory I care to relive in any way.  I've already gone to the casino.  It's a Monday, and my husband has to work Monday and Tuesday, so we can't do anything that will start too early on Monday or end too late for him to get to sleep in time for work on Tuesday.  This is why I take a week off... so that I can piecemeal little errands and treats to myself throughout the week.  

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