Friday, February 17, 2023

Fantastic Friday

 When I was in the 4th grade, the teachers hosted something called Fantastic Friday, where they would all set up their classrooms to do different activities and we all got to choose which activity we wanted to do for the last hour or so of Friday afternoons.  One time, I even got to be in charge of making Sock Puppets after I brought in a few of my own and my teacher was impressed with them.  I usually picked the crafty option or the computer lab for whatever DOS game we had back in 1985-86, I don't even remember.  My teacher often sent me up to the lab to preload DOS on the computers so that they were ready to go for the other kids.  I remember for Christmas I made a bar of soap with a Christmas sticker that we dipped in Paraffin wax to laminate it.  When I was first married I tried to duplicate that craft but all I accomplished was ruining an electric frying pan.  We all lived for that short span of time we got to move around and be with other 4th graders that were in the other classes, doing something less academic and more fun.  I wish there was an adult version, 'cause I would definitely sign up.

This week is almost over and I am going to be sad to say goodbye to my vacation tomorrow.  I go back to work on Sunday morning.  I didn't get the sweater knit this week, but I did make quite a bit of progress yesterday, now that I've finished the difficult-for-me yolk section.  Next week, Dan is in Ohio for work, so I'll be home and be able to spend time knitting when I'm not working.  I also get at least 3 hours of knitting tomorrow because we are going to The Melting Pot in Buffalo for my "birthday dinner" that Jo insists I have, mainly because she likes going there.  It's an hour drive each way, and it's a 2 hour meal with plenty of down time for me since I can only eat so much before I'm overstuffed and feel sick.  Since it's just straight knitting for about 9 more inches, I'll probably finish the stockinette and maybe even the ribbing this weekend.  That leaves the dreaded sleeves with their garter stitch hassles for next week.  My new goal is to have it done by the end of the month.  It's a light weight sweater, so I can probably wear it until May here in NY.  

My second cube unit arrived on Wednesday evening and I was able to put it together and stack it on my existing cubes yesterday with Johanna's help.  I love the look of it with the white bins rather than the brown or lilac colored ones I'd had in the past.  Much cleaner looking.  I made the right choice.  Today's goal is to clear out and rearrange another row of the existing cubes.  I sat down and drew a map of them and assigned most of the cubes a group of items it will contain.  Not all of them are assigned something, but I have a pretty good idea where a lot of stuff will go.  The problem now is that the stuff in the cubes is mostly not in bins, so I have a ton of loose items to take out and nowhere to put them, as I rearrange.  It's going to make my side of the room an even bigger disaster while I work on this project, which I knew, but I still don't like.  I figure if I work on 1 row each day, I'll have it done in a week.  At some point, maybe on Sunday, I want to get the other cube unit built and possibly brought into the bedroom where it's going to live.  Right now there isn't room for it, but if I clear the area tomorrow after we get home from dinner, I'm hoping we can accomplish that before Dan leaves.   That's where my most used items are going to go - next to my bed.  It's also where my new houseplants that arrived yesterday will live, on top of the cubes.  My houseplant potting soil arrives tomorrow, so I'll be able to put them into the planters and let them move into their new home as soon as the cubes are there.  I've never owned houseplants but I'm really looking forward to it.  The spider plants remind me of my grandma.  She had them and it was my job to water them when I was little.  ** ooh, I just got a delivered message on the potting soil, so I'm gonna be able to take care of the plants today!  Yay!**

Yesterday I splurged on 2 pairs of Dr Marten boots.  I've never owned genuine Docs before.  My "combat boots" in high school in the 90's were from Payless and were made of vinyl.  I bought the classic black ones from a Journeys Ad on Facebook, then informed my mom that's what she'd gotten me for my birthday.  (She gave me cash, but will inevitably ask me what I spent it on, and usually I can't remember, so I was proactive and sent her a picture this time.). Then a half hour later I saw an ad for NordstromRack for pink splatter Docs that I liked even better, so I bought those too. Had to send a picture to my mom, knowing she'd rather have gotten me cute pink ones instead of the black.  Pretty sure she hates them all, but I love them.  I'd had a different pair of Docs in my Amazon cart for a couple days, debating on them, but I ended up getting 2 pairs for not much more.  And then last night I got an email from Steam saying that some game I wanted to play was marked down 90% off.  Of course, then it became a question of which bundle did I want, since those were marked down too.  After struggling over the decision I decided to download the pack that had all the expansions and downloadable content packs, so that was more than the base game, but if I like it, I'll be able to play the game for years without any added expenses.  I might even play it with Johanna.  So far, I've tried doing the tutorial, but it was interfering with knitting last night, so I'll have to save it for another day.  

Well, I better get going.  Johanna has a zoom meeting in an hour that I need to be ready for.  I tried to opt out of the voluntary survey they wanted to do, but I couldn't come up with a good excuse on the spot, so now we have to do it.  

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