Saturday, March 19, 2022

Catch Up

 Well, I’ve been knitting like mad and finished a pair of socks out of Premier Cotton Collage yarn in Circus Multi.  They are just vanilla socks for me. I also finished knitting the 2nd skein of Malabrigio Rios yarn on my Worsted Boxy.  I’m afraid I will run out of yarn for that too.  The temperature Afghan for Courtney is on July 1st. This week I get out of work a bit earlier than I have for the past few weeks so I will probably concentrate on the afghan this week. I ordered sock blockers and a new ballwinder from Knitpicks tonight. My existing ball winders have stripped gears and suck. I need to wind the next skein for Worsted Boxy and for another pair of socks but I can’t stomach the hassle with the old ball winder.