Monday, February 20, 2023

Monday Morning Blahs

 Ugh, do I hate Monday mornings, especially when I have a late start to my work day.  The day seems to be an endless countdown to the worst part of my day.  I'm really sad to say that work has become more of an anxiety trap since my discussion with my boss 2 weeks ago.  I used to love my job, but now I'm nervous before work, dreading the inevitable negative interactions with my coworkers.  Before, I just let them roll off my back and they were forgotten.  But apparently they are keeping score and I'm losing the game. I bought a new Erin Condren x Etta Vee planner to record everything that happens so that I can go back and remember situations that happened and the circumstances if they decide to escalate to an actual written warning in my file.  Like I needed to add another planner to my repertoire, right?  I actually love the planner though, and sort of wish I'd gotten it as my regular daily planner.  I miss the EC planner layout with the 3 vertical boxes and room for stickers.  Maybe next year I'll go back to that layout instead of my Hobonichi Weeks... we'll have to see.  I like that the Weeks fits into my mini backpack purse.  

On the Flax Light front, I'm still chugging away at ball #3 on the body of the sweater.  So much for finishing the body by the weekend!  I'm at about 10 1/2 inches out of 15 1/2 so far.  I most likely won't finish the entire sweater by the end of the month, but hopefully I'm close.  I've been getting sucked into tv I have to actually watch, and scrolling TikTok, which is also something I can't multitask with.  Dan is out of town this week, so I plan to stay home and knit after work with the lights on.  My other project this week is cleaning my bedroom.  Dan assembled my last cube unit on his side of the bed and I put all the bins in it, so now I just need to fill the bins with the appropriate stuff to hopefully get going on this cleaning.  I have a written map of what goes in the bins, so it shouldn't be too difficult.  I'm hoping that by the time he gets home on Friday night, I will be ready to have him move the cubes to their permanent home next to my side of the bed.  I think my biggest struggle is going to be moving and finding a place for all the stacks of loose papers that I had in the old cubes.  And the miscellaneous stuff that was on the floor in front of the old cubes.  I honestly have no idea what is in some of the tote bags and shopping bags that I just kind of abandoned there and stacked up.  For those that are new, I am a hoarder.  I tend to bring stuff home and forget all about it.  And anything I can't see ceases to exist.  I do love how the new white bins look.  I can't wait until my whole side of the bedroom is complete.  

On Twitter, Instagram and Facebook I started posting Would You Rather questions.  If you don't already, please consider subscribing to me on my other socials and answer the questions.  The links are in the sidebar to the right of the posts.  I'm so excited when there is engagement.  

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