Monday, February 27, 2023

Entering Sleeve Island


Ok, so I finished my Flax Light sweater body this afternoon.  Hooray!  Now I'm entering the Sleeve Island.  I tried on the sweater to make sure it would fit.  The neck is fitted a little closer than I would normally like, but I can block that a little looser.  I didn't cast off the bottom ribbing very loosely on purpose because I don't want it to flare at the bottom.  I did make a mistake of starting the ribbing with the bigger needle and rather than unknitting a round and a half of 1x1 ribbing, I just knit off the big and onto the smaller needle when I realized the mistake.  Not sure if it makes that much difference, but I'm willing to deal with it.  Now we're back to the sleeves and those cursed garter stitch panels down the sleeves.  Hopefully after working the body on so many hundreds of stitches, the sleeves will go faster.  I broke into ball 5 of 7 to finish the last of the body ribbing, so about a ball and a half goes into each sleeve.  I can't wait to finish this sweater so that I can get back to focusing on my crochet certification course and get that completed before the deadline.  I will also need to finish the tweed royal blue socks I am at the gusset decreases on.  I've decided that I much prefer the flap & gusset heal versus the shadow wrap short row heel.  That one doesn't stay in place on my heel.  My socks kept slipping down off my heel in my boots.  As much as I enjoyed not having to do the pickup stitches and decreases of the gusset after making the flap, it fits better for me.  

The bedroom organizing is still incomplete, but I did get all the bins labeled with clip on chalkboard labels I got on Amazon after 2 different types of labels wouldn't stick to the bins or the cubes.  New deadline to have it done is this coming Saturday.  I can't get over how many notebooks I own... piles all over the place.  And I don't want them in the bedroom, so I have to haul them all to the office/craft room. That room is also overflowing, but that mess is probably a problem for April's Shannon, since I will be busy in March.

March 9th I start my new job at a new location within the same company.   For the past 3 years I've been working at a pharmacy as a technician.  I applied for,  but did not get, a position last fall that was more managerial.  A different opportunity was presented to me a week ago and I accepted it on the spot.  My current location has become a toxic environment for me.  I love the job, the store, and the customers, but my coworkers have become unbearable to work with.  I'm unsure why they don't like me, but it's been the case since I started there and is getting progressively worse, not better.  I work too hard to come home feeling defeated.  So I jumped at the option to transfer to a different store where I will be taking a quasi-management position.  I'm still not sure of the job title, but I'm going to be in charge of the store part of the pharmacy.  The pharmacist and lead technician were so nice when I stopped in today to introduce myself and the pharmacist was super excited that I was going to be starting there.  It was such a foreign experience for me.  People excited to see me.  People who look forward to working with me.  But, I was also a little nervous that I'm going to let them down.  That will be a problem for March 9th's Shannon.  ;) 

March will also be busy with Beta-testing a crafters community group, which I'm super excited for.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the first "introduction" video call because it's at 2 in the afternoon on a day I'm scheduled to start work at 2 o'clock.  But other than that, I plan to spend a lot of time on the platform making friends and learning about the platform before it's opened up to the public.   I'm so stoked to be a part of the day one crowd for this group.  I tend to shy away from getting involved in any groups that are established because I don't like feeling like an outsider, but this time I'll be there from the beginning.  Hopefully I'll feel like I belong there, and I will make it my mission to make the newcomers feel they are welcome after it opens to everyone. When testing is complete, I'll be sure to tell you all about it so that you can join us if you wish!

What projects are you working on?  Leave me a comment.  

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