Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Moving On Up!

On Monday afternoon, I went to work expecting a typical afternoon shift of being stuck on the front counter and drive thru the whole day.  Working in the pharmacy, there are several stations or tasks that we are supposed to rotate through during the day to keep the workload balanced and fair.   That's the theory, anyway.  It never seems to work out to my benefit, but I digress.  I did not expect my store manager to pull me into the office for a conversation.  Dread filled me on the short walk, even after he told me, "You're not in trouble." For context, on the Monday 2 weeks prior, I'd been walked to the office for a tough conversation about how I wasn't meeting expectations.  Let's just say, my supervisor now knows how much crying I can handle before and after hyperventilation. But, this was a new day and my store manager.   Actually, he said,  there was an opportunity that they wanted me to consider, working in a smaller store that's not really a store, but a pharmacy with an aisle or two of merchandise.  I would be working in the pharmacy, but also taking responsibility for management stuff that a store manager or shift lead would take care of in my current store.  Yes, sign me up, please!  I had applied for a position in management about 6 months ago but was passed over because I had less experience and they had no confidence that I could manage my coworkers who don't respect me.  They ended up hiring someone from another store who had experience in the position but apparently wasn't doing such a hot job with it.  I haven't spoken to my pharmacy manager since I accepted this new position.  I assume that she's glad to be rid of me.  I hope they get the replacement that they deserve.  I have been treated poorly from day one, for some reason that I still don't know.  I cared more about that place than anyone, came in when I was needed, worked overtime or picked up hours or entire shifts when someone called off.  I called off when I was sick exactly twice in 3 years.  I never got COVID or had to quarantine, unlike some of my coworkers who milked that 3-4 times.  I'm glad that this opportunity came up and I get to leave on my own terms.  Because after the sob fest conversation I had with my supervisor 2 weeks ago, I was both devastated by my apparent shortcomings, and resolute that I wasn't going to let anyone push me out of a job and career I enjoyed.  I have been working for 31 years and have never liked a job like I do with my current one, despite how I was treated on a daily basis.  But after putting up with it for 3 years, it's time for a change, and I welcome the challenge of learning all the new stuff I haven't been taught so far.  Hopefully the people I'm going to be working with and managing will put up with my learning curve.  I think I have a lot to offer, given the opportunity and not squashed.  I've been able to think of little else for the past 2 days.  I haven't even been able to knit!  I'm hoping that now that I've gotten it out in the open, I can stop perseverating on it.  My ADHD and OCD are showing.  I will be starting at my new location in 2 -3 weeks.  Hopefully I'll find out later today.   I'm also waiting to find out what my new title and pay rate will be.  That I should be finding out on Thursday or Friday.  I'm pumped! Or maybe that's just my Bipolar Mania ... ya never know with me. 

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