Wednesday, February 1, 2023

January Recap & February Goals

 Well, January is in the books and I'm glad to put it behind me.  I lost my dear friend, Bonnie who had a massive stroke on Christmas and passed away January 23rd.  I made a lofty list of goals for myself and missed most of them, but I did accomplish a few and feel good about that.  I'm going to try to do as much of those missed items as I can today, so that I start February with some wins.  

Among the goals I missed was getting the dining room cleared out.  I did consolidate so we could have 1 game night this month, but I didn't actually relocate my vinyl machines or printer to my office like I know I need to do.  I didn't get thru 1/3 of War and Peace... I listened to a few hours, but I'm still at the "beginning" of the massive book.  My no-buy/low-buy had 4 fail days, where I bought organizing products and gardening supplies.  The only craft items I've gotten were 2 acrylic tumblers and a pair of sweatpants to put vinyl on.  I didn't write to my penpals once a week like I wanted.  I had trouble with making my aunt's bowl cozies and gave up that day.  

Now, for the stuff I actually did accomplish...  I managed to keep up with all my planners.  The most behind I got was recording the following morning instead of doing it the night of that day.  I didn't buy anything frivolous.  I only ate out when I was with my family, never alone.  I recorded my gratitude every day.  I got all my swatches done for my CYC course.  I looked up the requirements to make Senior Tech at work and started marking off the ones I'm able to do so far. I went to the Bariatric doctor for a followup for the first time in 6 years and got back on vitamins to help my health. I saved my $25/paycheck.  

Now, for my February goals ...

  • Get the dining room cleared out
  • Read War and Peace at least 3 days a week
  • Work on the CYC course and complete at least 1 spiral pattern
  • Stick to low-buy/no-buy
  • Finish organizing sock yarn
  • Participate in InCoWriMo
  • Make Bowl Cozies for Aunt Sharon
  • Make Bowl Cozies for Leslie
  • Post a video to Youtube
  • Finish my 2 pairs of socks that are in progress
  • Sew PJ pants for Dan, Jo & Myself
  • Reorganize fabric stash
  • Keep up with planners
  • Ski 2 more times this season
  • Work on learning the Senior Tech skills
  • Family game nights 2x this month
  • Schedule sleep study and endoscopy appointments
I'm keeping the goals specific and attainable this month in hopes that I can accomplish them and mark them off as I go.  It's a short month and I have a week off work for my birthday, so I think I can get all of this done.  

How are your goals or resolutions doing so far after 31 days?  

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