Sunday, January 7, 2024

I’m back!

​I am finally back!  I was busy working on Christmas crochet projects and didn’t want to give away the surprise on the off chance one of the recipients found my page.  I crocheted the Surprise Flower Pot Coasters from Brunaticality for 6 different people.  I crocheted granny square afghans for my parents.  I machine knit hats for 4 people on my Addi King Size.  All the gifts were well received.  Mom’s Blanket

Dad’s blanket

We also had COVID a week before Christmas, so I was able to knit a pair of quarantine socks with Hobbii Silly Socks yarn. 

quarantine socks

Right now I’ve got a sweater on the needles - The Monday Sweater by PetiteKnit, which I just split for the sleeves.  

Monday Sweater

And I’m working on a Not-Temperature blanket for my crafting group’s year long MAL.  It’s done in Tunisian Crochet simple stitch with a rainbow of 6 colors of sport weight Brava yarn from Knitpicks/Wecrochet.  Pink signifies Saturday & Sunday, each of the other colors signifies a different day of the week.  It’s 416 stitches wide and I expect it to be king sized when completed at the end of 2024.  

Not-Temperature Blanket