Friday, February 24, 2023

Bedroom Overhaul

 This week I was supposed to get my bedroom redone while my husband was on a work trip.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time & steam before it was finished, but I'm still inspired to keep going.  My room has no aesthetic to speak of.  We have modular cube furniture covering all the walls.  My cubes were full of forgotten books, notebooks, craft supplies, clothing I don't wear, you name it.  And they were overflowing - the bins long since removed and objects were crammed in all willy nilly.  I managed to empty all the stuff that was in them, but haven't gotten them all filled with new stuff yet.  I bought all new white bins, which I love the look of.  I bought white labels to put on the bins, but they won't stick to the non-woven material that the bins are made of.  My fear is that if they aren't labeled in some way, I will forget what's in them and therefore rebuy items I've forgotten I already own.  I found 2 of my misplaced Dior Addict Lip Glow lipsticks - I bought a 3rd one last weekend at Sephora.  The sad part is that I only remembered owning one - I was shocked to empty a discarded purse and find another one in it.  I emptied the rolling cart that I had been using as a night stand and moved it into the bathroom off my bedroom until I figure out what I'm going to do with it.  I took out 6 garbage bags of stuff I didn't want or need anymore. Most of it was paperwork and study guides I didn't need anymore, drawer units that were inefficient and/or damaged, expired vitamins and over the counter medications I bought and never used.  Clothing that I didn't need or that was beyond usefulness.  Craft projects that I had no intention of finishing.  But you would never know that I removed that much stuff, because my side of the bedroom is still overflowing.  It's all so overwhelming, being a hoarder.  Every decision can become a struggle.  It's mentally and physically exhausting.  I figure I need about 12 solid hours of work to get it completed so that I can move the newest cube unit to the wall beside my bed and have my "night stand" in place.  Then I can bring up the houseplants I bought last week and get them off my stovetop where they are living right now.  Because that was the only place I could find to store them.  I'm dreaming of having a neat and orderly bedroom, and hopefully by next weekend, it will be a reality.  

Tomorrow we are going skiing.  Probably the last time for the season.  I booked Jo another lesson with the fabulous Jocelyn.  The opening she had was for earlier in the morning which means we have to get moving early on a Saturday to make the 45 minute drive to the mountain and then get Jo situated with her rental equipment.  I'm hoping that I have better luck going down the mountain now that I understand that the "slow down" signs are not directed at me.  I always panicked when I got to that area.  It rained here this week, causing a lot of ice, so who knows what kind of snow will be on the mountain.  I'm not a fan of skiing on icy conditions.  Next year I'm going to take some lessons to get my confidence back.  I also downloaded a bunch of playlists to my phone so that I can listen to music while I'm skiing.  The cellular data is weak there, so streaming it from the cloud wasn't cutting it last time.  

Sunday it's back to the grind at work.  But with a crew that I enjoy working with.  Monday I'm not scheduled but I think I will go check out the new store I'm transferring to and introduce myself.  I was going to volunteer to work there that day, but just my luck, they don't need anyone that day.  I have plenty to keep me busy if I don't have to work, so that's fine.  Wednesday we are tied up with 2 appointments.  Then next Saturday I have a nail appointment in the middle of the day to work around.  I'm still nervous about starting the new job, but I keep trying to remind myself that this is a good move.   I'm leaving behind toxicity.  That's always a good thing.  

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