Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Sparking Joy

 So, one of my goals for 2023 is to get my physical environment under control.  As a legitimate hoarder, this is something that has been a lifelong failure for me so far.  I get the idea to straighten up, I get inspired, I go hog wild buying things I think will help me to get organized, and then they sit in a corner waiting to be used as more and more piles form, tip over and grow again.  On Saturday night at about 1am, I was window shopping Amazon and broke my no-buy for the second time.  I started looking for a pegboard system to hang all my sewing notions on the wall by my sewing machine.  I have multiple rotary cutters, scissors and pinking shears.  I also have a lot of quilting rulers that could be hung.  I didn't find a suitable pegboard system that was affordable, so I settled on clear adhesive hooks that I can stick to the wall and get my tools off my sewing and cutting tables.  That mission at least will be accomplished. 

And while I was on Amazon, I came across organizers for clothes that can be used to hold clothes folded the KonMari way.  Now, I typically fold my shirts using a Flip-Folder I bought after seeing Sheldon using one on Big Bang Theory years ago, then stack them in my cubes.   I say typically, but I haven't done that in a year.  Lately, I either hang tshirts that are presentable to wear outside the house, or just throw the sleeping tshirts in a bin under the bed.  But my closet is overflowing, so it's time to come up with a better plan.  I've read 2 of Marie Kondo's books in the past, but never really tried to implement her strategies because of her method of making a bigger mess before you start cleaning up.  The idea of dumping all my clothes in a big pile in order to neaten my closet just doesn't interest me.  But I'm willing to give it a try, because nothing else has worked.  I bought this set of clothing organizers on Amazon, along with 3 more organizers for the shirts/pants, 2 more for bras, and 3 larger organizers for socks.  These are for me & Jo to share.  So, I have potentially 36 slots for larger items like shirts and pants for each of us.  My work scrubs will continue to be hung up because they don't take up much space and I have to hang them to steam the wrinkles out anyway.  Currently my closet has a double hanging rod on one side and an unused plastic drawer cart under the top rod on the other side.  The second drawer cart is down in the sewing area where it's not being used, so I might bring it back up if I can get all my hanging clothes down to one side of the top rod only.  

Most of the organizers will arrive Monday, so hopefully Tuesday & Wednesday we can go through all our clothes, purge what we don't want/need/love, and get the remainder folded up and into the organizers.  I'm looking forward to the challenge to finally get my wardrobe under control, like it hasn't been since I purged all my 3X clothes 8 years ago.  I also need to get one of my yarn totes emptied by consolidating the contents so that I have a place to store my size 6 jeans that are currently too big but that fit perfectly if I gain weight down the road, and my wedding dress that is still hanging up in my hallway after 18 months.   It will also be nice to see all my hand knit socks neatly matched & folded next to each other.  And my hand knit sweaters will also have a home in my wardrobe.   

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