Monday, January 16, 2023

January Mid-Month Check-in

 Welcome to the second half of January!  How are your resolutions for 2023 holding up?  I'm relatively happy with how the year is progressing, although I could be doing better.  But one of my goals is to give myself grace so that I don't give up in favor of perfection.  

  • Personal:  Take time daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly to focus on goals and progress.  Take time to do hobbies that interest me. Give myself grace for my limitations. I haven't been doing as much with my hobbies in the past week because I've been too fidgety. I did wash and set my first bobbins of Fairy Tale yarn, which I think I will knit into a beanie.  I got back to spinning on my EEW Nano last night and I forgot how soothing working with fiber and my hands is.  My 2 pairs of socks have been languishing.
  • Fun & Recreation: Make an effort to meet new people and spend time outside my home.  Find more ways to have fun that don't involve shopping.  Haven't worked on this yet. 
  • Work & Learning:  Get to Senior Tech at work by the midpoint of the year.  Learn how to make videos for TikTok and YouTube. I learned how to post to TikTok after some research.  Still need to review with my boss how I get the promotion. 
  • Family & Relationships:  Spend more time with my family... really Connect not just being in the same space at the same time.  Try to find a sense of Community in my local area.  Really haven't worked on this yet.  Still in the same space & time phase.  We did have a game night last week which was fun.
  • Health & Wellness:  Follow up with doctors to get my health back on track.  Drink more water or sugar free tea.  Eat healthier.  Exercise 1-2 times a week. Went to the doctor last week and went for my bloodwork this weekend to confirm my levels are good still.  I have to schedule 2 more appointments for a mammogram and sleep study.  Been bringing lunch or coming home and eating leftovers instead of eating out every day.
  • Spiritual & Personal Growth:  Spend time each day on Gratitude.  Find some spiritual practice that I can devote time to regularly.  I've been logging my gratitude every day, but haven't looked into anything spiritual yet.
  • Financial:  Set up a budget.  Start saving $25 per paycheck.  Do a No-buy/low buy year. Set up an auto transfer to my savings account.  No-Buy on craft supplies is holding up but I did have a slip up one day where I spent a little more than I should at the Dollar Tree buying bins to organize papers.  
  • Physical Environment: Clean up the living areas so we can have company.  Spend time outside the bedroom to recharge.   Cleared off 75% of the dining room table to play a game and took down the Christmas tree, but other than that I haven't really worked on cleaning the living areas.  I did bag up and hang all my fine & superfine yarns on the wall in my office/craft room.  
I think the goals for the next 2 weeks will be to work on the office/craft room and get my craft supplies out of the dining room, make those phone calls to schedule those doctor appointments, work on my Craft Yarn Council Instructor Certification Program samples, and spin the rest of my Persian Pink batt on my Nano.  And of course continue my gratitude logging and no-buy.  

How are you doing so far?  What short or long term goals are you working on? Do you ever feel like you have to push yourself to work on crafting, or do you always work on it willingly?  Leave me a comment!  I love reading them!

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