Saturday, January 14, 2023

Project: Declutter Update

 I've decided to hang all the yarn bags on Command adhesive hooks on the wall behind the door in the office.  It didn't come together the way I imagined it would, however.  I think the bags I purchased are just too big.  I am tempted to buy smaller ones, but the no-buy guilt kicked in before I checked out my Amazon cart. I got all the newer yarn that was out in the open hung, then I went searching thru the bins in the sunroom to find the rest of my fine weight yarn and got that bagged & hung as well.  I think I'm at about 90-100 skeins of sock & lace weight.  I've been kind of stalled on my sock projects for the past week with so much other stuff on my mind.  Wednesday was an errand day instead of my stay at home and relax day with the occasional appointment mid-day.  I brought my knitting with me to my mom's house but forgot to bring it with me to the mechanics shop while I waited.  I've been coming home exhausted from work and just sit and stare into space or scroll my social media accounts until I pass out.  Last night we decided to grab Chipotle and have family game night.  I cleared off 75% of the dining room table to make way for that.  My husband, daughter and I played Fire Tower for about an hour and then I spent time updating all my journals.  I decided to write to my penpals and had to dig thru the pile in my bedroom to find my postage stamp binder with address labels and stamps so I could seal them up.  I found stuff I had forgotten I owned, like an Erin Condren Habit Tracker notebook I bought a year or two ago.  I used it for less than 1 week.  I added it to the planner stack.  I listened to War and Peace for a couple hours.  Thandiwe Newton does a great job with narration, but sometimes I just zone out.  I try to catch myself and turn it off when that happens so that I actually hear the whole story.  I debated purchasing Spare by Prince Harry on Audible, but I think I'll wait until I'm done with War and Peace.  Still about 54 hours to go on that.  

Since it's Saturday, my day off (hooray!), I haven't been able to sleep (boo!).  Yesterday I accidentally took my night time pills in the morning and realized a few minutes later when I became very drowsy that I'd taken my med that helps me fall & stay asleep.  Since I took it in the morning, I didn't want to take it again at night and tried to sleep on my own.  I was up every 90 minutes or so all night.  Very frustrating.  And not good for the bags under my eyes either.  Sometime this morning I need to go to the blood lab and have some 21 tests run before my follow up appointment with the bariatric department on Tuesday afternoon.  I haven't been there since about 3 years post-op because I thought, Hey, I'm skinny, I'm a success, what do I need them for anymore?   Well, apparently eating McDonalds and little else for the past 6 years leads to malnourishment and vitamin deficiencies.  I'm hoping my iron is stable so I don't need more infusions, because those were quite expensive out of pocket.  I've been taking multivitamins and some other supplements which I hope are enough.  

After the lab, I have to stop next door to the YMCA and have Jo re-join.  Somehow her membership lapsed a year ago and we've been scanning her in and she's never been confronted that her membership wasn't valid.  For an entire year, almost every Friday evening, Dan & Jo go to the Y and scan their barcodes and they let them both in.  Finally, a more experienced employee was working the check-in, and she stopped them in December.  So I have to get that set back up so she can walk the indoor track like she prefers, of course on the opposite side of the city.  We have a local Y within 3 miles she refuses to go to. 

We will probably get lunch after that and then come home and I can get to decluttering.  I need to work on the bedroom and the office today.  And do laundry.  I have a horrible habit of doing a load of "work clothes, underwear & pjs" frequently, but leaving my non-work clothes I wear on Wednesdays and Saturdays in a pile in front of my closet.  I'm sick of walking around it.  I hate doing laundry because I don't like going in my basement, so I usually get Dan or Jo to run it for me.  Yes, I am spoiled that way.  

Tomorrow I work early (8-4:30pm) with some of my favorite co-workers, then I don't have to be back to work until 2pm on Monday afternoon and even later (4pm) on Tuesday afternoon.  So I need to sit down and schedule myself time to get some tasks done instead of sitting in bed, scrolling TikTok, watching Youtube, and window-shopping Amazon for 8 hours.  Lol.  There was a time that I slept right up until I had to get in the shower and leave for work.  Now that I have the right medication to help me sleep and keep me focused, I feel like I can actually accomplish things with my days.  Cleaning still doesn't happen automatically, but if I make myself a list I usually accomplish quite a bit. 

How about you?  Do you have issues keeping everything in your house orderly?  Do you listen to audio books while crafting?  I'd love to hear!  Leave me a comment!

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