Friday, January 27, 2023

Closet Accomplished!

So, Wednesday evening I got the closet finished.  I bought a 3 drawer cart to put on the one side of the closet under the few hanging clothes that are left (hoodies, dresses and jackets).  I stacked the 2 older carts on top of each other on the other side of the closet. In the new cart I am storing the pants and shirts that I couldn't fit in the first cart.  I've decided to return the organizers because they're so inefficient.  If I had regular bedroom furniture with deeper dresser drawers I can see how they would be beneficial, but for my low-budget closet they're just not gonna cut it.  Now, all my clothes are put away, my laundry is caught up, and I can freely open & close the closet's sliding doors without having to move piles out of the way.   The only clothing not in the closet are my uniform scrubs which hang on an over-the-door hanging bar on my linen closet in the hallway, and my PJs which I just throw in a storage cube under the bed.  I'm satisfied with how it's all come out in the end.  

I wish organizing other areas of the house were as easy.  I just have so much stuff, and it's spread out all over the house.  I think I need to focus on one particular thing at a time, a-la-Marie-Kondo, instead of focusing on organizing an area.  For instance, I have a gazillion writing utensils.  It would probably take me all day to find them all, bring them to one spot, organize them, and put them away neatly.  The same with notebooks, yarn, vinyl, diamond dots, sewing supplies, beauty supplies... I have quite a few hobbies. 

 I did break the low-buy to get the 3 drawer cart and a couple covered bins to put my sewing accessories in.  I "found" some bins I bought a year or two ago downstairs in the sewing area that will help corral my pens I think.  

The next 2 Saturdays I will be busy skiing and then coming home and relaxing (because getting up early after a late night at work, then skiing for a few hours is exhausting for a nearly-46 year old).  That leaves me 2 Wednesdays off work to get something accomplished, and then the whole following week I'm on vacation for my birthday.  I would like to have most of the organization done by the half way point of my week off so that I can relax and enjoy my time & space on my staycation.  By most, I mean my bedroom and office will be able to be walked through without climbing over piles of "stuff."  I'm not asking for them to be completely clutter free, I would just like to be able to walk freely without knocking over or stepping on stuff.  

I'm gonna go brainstorm a path forward in my sketchbook journal's Brain-dump section. I feel like writing things down and setting goals is really helping me this time around.  In the past, making a list or setting a goal was counter productive because then I became "demand resistant" where I refused to do the tasks because I knew I needed to do the tasks.  It makes no sense, but that's how I've been for a good 10 years.  It was like I would use up all my "go" energy making a plan, then decided not to do any of the work.  I'm not sure what's different this time around.  Probably that I'm doing it publicly and feel like I'm accountable to anyone who stumbles upon this page.  Whatever it is, I'm glad it's working and hope it holds up thru February so I can celebrate having an organized bedroom, office & sewing area in the near future. 

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