Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Declutter progress... or not!

 So far today, I've worked in 3 rooms of my house and feel like I've made an even bigger mess of things.  My organizing grid units arrived from Amazon, and let me tell you, I will be reading reviews of anything I buy going forward, because the warnings were there if I had looked.  The organizers are super small.  My jeans are a US size 4 from Old Navy and they take up the equivalent of 2 slots.  They work ok for leggings and size Medium t-shirts, but anything thicker than that and you're gonna be disappointed.  I ended up taking the jeans out and putting them in my drawer without the organizer.  I got rid of several pairs of pants that were too big and some ciel blue scrubs I wore 3 years ago when I first started in the pharmacy and that was the color we wore.  We've changed colors twice since then and I've lost weight, so they weren't the right color or size, so I let them go.  I got rid of bras I haven't worn in years, pantyhose and tights from god-knows-when, and shape wear from when I cared about my midriff showing.  When I opened the drawers in the closet that I hadn't used in a good 5-8 years, I found pjs that were too big, so those went as well.  I found dressy shorts that still had the tags on them from so long ago I don't remember buying them.    I have a feeling they were too small at the time, hence the tags, but I tried them on and they fit me now, so I'm keeping them for the time being.  There are a couple events I go to in the summer where I imagine they are appropriate attire.  If I don't wear them this summer, I'll retire them to Goodwill. I have a pile more shirts to fold, and I'm waiting for a couple more loads of laundry to be dried so that I can put those items away as well.  By tonight my clothing should be under control.  

While I am waiting for the laundry to run it's cycle, I decided to stick a few more hooks on my sewing area wall to hang the new thread rack I bought and hang my quilt rulers along with my scissors, pinking sheers, and rotary cutters. I got rid of the thread boxes that were buried on my sewing table since they were ineffective.  Now I can see everything and know that I don't need to buy thread for anything for quite a long time.  I went thru the table and threw out random receipts, unnecessary packaging from different products I've opened & used, and other junk that didn't belong there.  I even found a stamped letter to a friend from I have no idea when.  I'm torn between mailing it and opening it to see what I had to say that day.  

Another Amazon purchase was smaller 5x8" bags for my sock yarn collection.  I might have underestimated how much space 100 grams of sock yarn takes up, because depending on how it's skeined or balled, some won't fit in those bags.  But I do like that they're smaller and for the ones that fit, they look better to display the yarn.  I will keep using the other ones (10x12") as potential project bags if I need to, and for yarn once it's in 2 sock cakes which take up more space.  I need to take down all the yarn, re-bag what can be, and then organize and re-hang them on the hooks in the office/craft room.  That will probably wait until next week so I can focus and spread that stuff out.  

I need to go to the library and pick up Marie Kondo's books that I reserved.  I'm hoping to get more inspiration or ideas.  I was hoping the Home Edit books would get there today, but so far I haven't been notified.  We are supposed to get a bunch of snow today.  I wish I had a job where I got to stay home if the weather was bad.  Unfortunately, drug stores and pharmacies don't close no matter what.  Even when we lost power for hours a few weeks ago they wouldn't let us go home.  Today is my day off, so I just have a doctor appointment to get to, but tomorrow it's back to the grindstone.  At least the snow will be good for skiing this Saturday.  Jo has her second lesson scheduled and I'm hoping that I at least get up the mountain a few times this week.  Last week I just stayed on the bunny hill the whole time. 

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