Friday, January 20, 2023

Flannel, Flannel, Everywhere!

 This past Christmas I decided I was going to make bowl cozies for everyone for Christmas.  I bought the materials.  I bought templates, then I stalled.  I ended up coming across a TikToker who used a simpler formula to make her bowl cozies without a template, and I decided to run with her pattern.  I made them for my nail tech, my secret Santa match, and everyone in my family.  My aunt & uncle liked them so much they asked for me to make them a few more, which I need to get to.  I thought I was going to do them on Wednesday before my plans got all messed up by a cancelled appointment first thing in the morning that threw off my whole mojo for the day.  Hopefully I can do them tomorrow after we get home and (probably) take a nap after skiing for the first time of the season.  I also promised a co-worker I would make her some, but I need to use the templates because her dishes are huge.  I have time before I will feel guilty for not having hers done though. At some point I need to make some for my own home.  

After I sew the bowl cozies I want to move on to sewing a BUNCH of pj pants for my family.  My home is cold & drafty in the winter, at least on the first floor.  I spend all my time in bed in the winter, where it's comfortable physically and temperature-wise.  Since one of my goals is to spend more time out of the bedroom, I need some cozy flannel pj pants to put on so I can spend time downstairs.  At the beginning of the pandemic when I got into sewing, I bought a LOT of flannel material.  Joann's gives a discount if you purchase a whole bolt and I couldn't pass on a discount, so I loaded up on about a dozen bolts of flannel.  I even have some more masculine prints for Dan.  I repurchased patterns for pj pants for him because I somehow lost the pattern I used to make his last 2 pairs. I bought more elastic for the waistbands.  And then the desire to sew pj pants left me.  The need to sew the pants is two-fold.  I need to minimize my fabric stash so my previously-called-living-room doesn't look like a complete disaster.  I have my husband's grandmother's hope chest full of flannel bolts so that it doesn't close, piles of fabric scraps from my various prior projects that I'm not sure what to do with them, batting for the quilts I planned to make but never sandwiched together.  It's a disaster, that's the only word I can find to describe it.  A cyclone would be jealous of the destruction that a Shannon can inflict. I need a few hours to take measurements, decide on a size for each of us, and cut out the patterns. I need a couple days with a clear floor to lay out the fabric and patterns to cut the material.  Then a few more days to do the sewing.  I might even attempt to use my serger for the first time since last May's disastrous class.  My goal is to make Dan 2 more pairs and me & Jo 3 or 4 pairs each since I have so many feminine print fabrics.  I figure if I make 10 pairs of pants, I will be able to fit the remaining flannel into the chest and close it.  And that's my goal at this point.  

In crochet news, I'm struggling to find a spiral pattern to use to fulfill my lesson 4 requirement on the CYC Crochet Instructor Program.  I'm thinking about making a hat, since that's the only thing that comes to mind besides amigurumi patterns, but I don't think of those as "beginner" patterns, although some beginners in the group I'm in on Facebook seem to be learning to crochet them right at the beginning.  I definitely didn't begin that way.  I started out making things flat and in the round using joined rounds, not spiral.

Today is Friday, and I have to go to work now until 9:30 pm.  Tomorrow we ski. Sunday I work.  I can't wait until my birthday in mid-February, when I took a week off work.  There is so much I want to work on at home, and this whole working thing is ruining my plans.  LOL.  I hope everyone has a good weekend!  What's on your agenda?   

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