Monday, April 3, 2023

April Has Sprung

 No pictures today, again, because I'm posting from work, but I have made it thru a turning point on my Piper Pocket Dress.  I have successfully completed adding the short rows that raise the back neck of the garment.  Now I just have to figure out the next row that blends the short row ends into the fabric without leaving unsightly holes.  My April goal is to work on the dress as much as possible.  I don't think I will be able to come close to completing it by the end of the month, but I want to have as much done as I can.  My next project, the Serged Dreamcoat,  is something I'm dying to work on, but I'm resisting the beginning until after I finish the dress.  The yarn will arrive on Wednesday and I can't wait to lay out the colors to see how they will look together. 

Jo & I will be working on an octopus from the book by The Woobles.  I bought their overpriced yarn and it arrived yesterday.  I hope she likes working the project, because she keeps saying she wants to do crochet projects, we buy all the materials, and then the interest disappears.  Courtney needed a bigger hook, which I sent her via Amazon, but her dorm's package system was down so she wasn't able to retrieve it.  Hopefully she gets it today so she can work with her chunky yarn. 

Fem has opened The Mindful Creators Clubhouse for the public to sign up.  So far there are 2 newbies.  I hope that the May launch will be much bigger, for all our sakes.  I want this to be a success, because I've found it to be so much fun and the community is so inspiring and encouraging.  The price is reasonable, I think, when I think about how much we would spend to either go out to a venue like the Meetup's I used to attend at Barnes & Noble 19 years ago, when we would need to buy a drink and snack at the cafe.  Plus the gas to get across town.  And doing local home-based groups requires you to bring something to share, which also costs a bit.  Now I can go online whenever it suits me and tell my online friends what I've accomplished or what I'm struggling with.  We do video chats that don't cost a thing, and I can bring my own snacks if I want, and go in my nearly-pj's clothing.  It was a joy to be a part of the beta testing for the platform.  

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