Monday, April 17, 2023

Spring has Sprung

My dress is coming along quite quickly now.  I've completed 22 rows below the pockets so far.  Only 34 more to go.  I'm on ball 7 of my yarn, which puts me at about 56% done now.  Tomorrow is my day off, so I plan to spend several hours working on the skirt.  I've been working while listening to an audio book called All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven.  The problem is that the last time I was listening, I fell asleep and awoke after a major plot twist.  I had to scroll back several chapters, but now that I know where the book is headed, I almost don't want to listen to the rest of it.  I'm tempted to just watch the Netflix movie version instead of listening to the last few hours of the book.  

On Saturday, I had my friend Tara color my hair.  
I went in with some salt & pepper and left a vibrant eggplant purple.

Next comes a lot of stained pillowcases and cold shampoos, but I love the change.  

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