Friday, March 31, 2023

Audio Books For The Win!

 So, I’ve been a member of Audible since roughly 2001, on & off.  Last night I decided after work that instead of putting on YouTube or some other video service, I would go back to my tried & true auditory distraction - romance audiobooks.  I listened for a while until Dan came home, getting my dress re-worked since I’d had to rip out 7 rows that were wonky. It was so much more peaceful.  Then this morning I got a reminder email that the 2 for 1 sale was ending today, so I popped on and bought, gulp, 10 more books.  I got mainly romance, but also some fiction.  About 113 hours of content added to my already overflowing library.  But I have a lot of crochet in my future. I broke my no-buy on Wednesday to buy the yarn for the Serged Dream Coat from KnitPicks. That should arrive next week, hopefully.  I’m excited to see the colors all laid out. I bought a few more than the pattern demo used I think, but hopefully my yardage over all will be sufficient.  I had a hard time finding any one line of yarn with enough different bright colors for the project.  And cost was also a concern. I could have used Caron One Pound skeins but it would have been a LOT of money and a lot more yarn than I needed for this project. I’m hoping  Knitpicks has good quality acrylic.  

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