Thursday, April 20, 2023



 This is what my Piper Pocket Dress looks like after 65% completion.  It might be inside out in this picture, I'm not sure yet which is the 'right' side.  I've started ball 8 of 11.  I'm on row 40 of 56 of the post-pocket skirt.  That means I have about 4 hours left of the skirt, before I go back and add the pockets and sleeves.  Should have the skirt finished by the end of the weekend!  YAY! 

My Heirloom Gardening Bib Overalls from Duluth Trading Company came in yesterday and I couldn't wait to try them on.  I actually wore them to dinner last night.  Farmer Shannon is ready to get started in the garden, hopefully this weekend.  The ripstop fabric is supposedly dirt proof.  I hope that's true because I picked Candy Pink instead of a more practical color.  I also got the knee pad inserts because I'm getting old and my knees have no natural padding anymore.  I'm glad I read the reviews and researched my size because I was definitely going to buy a size medium, when I really needed an extra-small.  It felt foreign to me to buy such a small size, but they fit perfectly.  I feel bad for people who are legitimately a size zero, because this size fits my size 4 body perfectly.  

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