Wednesday, April 5, 2023

On a Roll


Well, I'm onto the bodice of my dress.  I'm not confident about the shaping fitting me properly.  It tapers in at the waist and out at the hip.  I suppose I can block it to get it as wide as possible since my waist isn't much smaller than my chest these days.  Or I can go to the gym and work on my abs...  yeah, right.  Blocking it is.  

Hopefully the next bit goes faster now that I'm working on fewer stitches.  I am onto ball 3 of my 11 ball expectation.  So making decent progress.  I won't be done by the end of the month, but I should have a good bit done by then. 

My yarn for the Serged Dreamcoat arrives today.  Unfortunately, the yarn is now on sale, of course.  So if I'm not happy with the colors I picked or the quantity, I can order more for cheaper I guess.  But I think I have what I need in today's delivery.  

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