Monday, March 27, 2023

Back to the Drawing Board

 Well, I’ve had to rip out my dress and start over. I finished an increase round and counted stitches.  I discovered that my “neater” join for the past dozen or more rows has actually been decreasing stitches. And I wasn’t satisfied with how it was looking before that, so I decided my best bet was to cut my losses of 1 week’s crocheting time and just start over and keep it neat from the beginning. Sigh. This week’s goal is to get back to the same point I was yesterday. I haven’t been doing much crocheting in the evenings because I was so tired from working 7 consecutive days. I have Wednesday off this week for dentist appointments so I will hopefully get in some more crocheting that day. Our dishwasher died & flooded the kitchen and basement so we have a new one coming on Wednesday, too, so Dan will be working from home that day as well. Yesterday I forgot to take my morning pills because I was in a rush to get on a buddy video call from my beta test group, so I took 3 naps instead of working on my project all that time. We also binge watched Netflix’s Shadow and Bone. Amazing show. Can’t wait for next season. 

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