Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Progress Not Perfection

 I just got home from a 2 hour dentist appointment for a simple cleaning.  Have I procrastinated since 2020 to make the call to schedule said appointment?  Absolutely.  But now I'm back on track, with no actual cavities but the need to use prescription strength toothpaste to repair some weak spots after my 5 years of pica-related ice chewing.  But my hygienist, Lesley, was fabulous.  I now know all about her Covid beliefs and that her daughter doesn't believe in putting anything in her body that might change her, and how her anti-vax stand cost her a spot at the college of her dreams.  I hate small talk as a rule - it's awkward and I never know how to respond.  Apparently "Oh, wow" was encouraging her to give me more info.  Since my appointment went way longer than Jo's, I didn't have any time to miss my crochet that I didn't bring with me.  

I'm currently still working on my Piper Pocket Dress.  I had to start it over for a third time because I accidentally joined in the round with a twist.  I decided that I am just going to work the pattern flat for the first bit and then sew up at the shoulder seam later, because the join has been the crux of the problem from the beginning.  I'm almost to the second set of increases, so the project will begin growing in a couple rows.  the first set of increases didn't seem to increase the work dramatically despite increasing a stitch every 4 stitches.  Working flat makes the project look different, obviously.  I plan to do a bunch more crocheting today, now that my errand for the morning is over, I've had an early lunch, and now I can get cracking.  Later this afternoon I have about 6 calls I need to make that I've literally been putting off for weeks.  

My beta testing is almost over.  The creator, Fem, will be launching the product in the first week of April, and I'm excited to see how it grows.  One of the other members of the test posted a picture of her completed cardigan, a pattern called Heartbob Cardigan, which looks really cool.  I'm definitely thinking of adding that to my project list when I'm done with the Piper Pocket Dress, if I'm not completely over crochet by that time.  

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