Monday, February 14, 2022

Losing Yarn Chicken

​It was a crazy week!  I spent every spare moment knitting on All the Love.  And by spare I mean time I found when I should have been sleeping, while riding in a car, while waiting for service at a restaurant.  In fact, I was up until 5am this morning trying to knit as fast as I could to determine if I needed to order more Silk Blend to finish the sweater.  With about 25 rounds of sleeve left to go, I called it a night and ordered the yarn.  I briefly contemplated undoing the ribbing on the body, shortening the sweater an inch, then using the reclaimed yarn to finish the sleeve. But I don’t have that in me. It wouldn’t make it out of the frog pile if I set that expectation on the project.  So instead I ordered a skein and prayed it arrives before I get tired of this sweater project all together.  I knit to the end of the yarn when I got home from work today and I have 1/3 of a round with my last decrease, then 18 rounds of 2x2 ribbing.  I went with shorter sleeves to try to conserve yarn and could go back and make them longer with the new yarn, but I don’t think I feel like doing that either.  The lace pattern needs to be blocked.  I hope that part goes well. I’ve never blocked a hand knit sweater before - only shawls and socks.  

I also ordered 25 skeins of Bulky wool yarn that were on a great sale at Premier Yarns to make The Easy Bulky One for me & possibly for Jo.  I got 10 skeins of Honeydew green for me and 15 skeins of Blue Chic for Jo. My parents gave me money as a birthday gift so that is what I’m using to cover most of the expense. 

Now that I’m in a holding pattern on All the Love until my order from eat.sleep.knit comes in, I will go back and work on Jo’s Blueberry Pudding Big Comfy Sweater.  I can’t wait for that sweater to be done so I can get back to crocheting the Temperature Afghans. 

I finished spinning my 8 oz of BFL wool last week and Wednesday I plan to ply it.  I haven’t plied wool in about 10 years. I hope the yarn is at least good enough to knit a hat with it.  I spin pretty fine wool singles, so even 2 plies is probably sock weight yarn. I’ll probably knit a Ross Hat with it.  I haven’t knit any of those yet. After plying the Oatmeal colored BFL, I plan to use some dyes I got to dye some bare roving to spin into yarn as practice.  I don’t want to ruin the good wool I bought before the end of the year from Paradise Fibers.  I’m probably going to microwave process the dye.  The other option I’ve used in the past was putting it in the crockpot.  I don’t really care what color I use or how it comes out. I am just bored spinning natural colored wool.

I got a bunch of books on knitting, crocheting and spinning from the library that I need to go thru on my day off.  There just isn’t enough time for all my fiber crafts. 


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