Sunday, February 27, 2022

Final Destinations

​It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve felt like writing, but I’ve been knitting madly the whole time. My extra skein of yarn came in and I finished All the Love on February 19th.  I haven’t blocked it yet, and it really needs to be blocked before I can wear it.  

While waiting for the yarn to arrive I got back to Jo’s Big Comfy Sweater.  I finished knitting that tonight and started seaming.  It’s quite an undertaking due to the size,  and the number of ends to weave in is daunting. Caron had quite a bunch of knotted together parts in the 4 cakes it took to knit this sweater. 

I also managed to ply the bobbins of Blue-Faced Leicester oatmeal fiber I spun. I set the twist and then started knitting it into a garter stitch scarf.  

I used some tie-dye to color some wool pink to spin next.  I’m not sure if I will spin it on a spindle or wheel yet. 

I also signed up for a beginner serger class to learn how to use my serger I bought myself for Christmas in 2019 and have only tried to use it once and that was an utter failure.  I ordered the fabric I need for the class samples and the thread for the machine.  I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to try untangling the mess and rethread the machine.  I might if I get bored with yarn projects.

Up next is finishing the seaming/end weaving on Jo’s sweater, then getting back to my Temperature afghan.  It will be nice to get back to that project of crochet.  I might cast on a sock with the yarn I got in my Sock of the Month shipment. The crochet project is so huge I can only work on it in the family room and sometimes I want to work on something in bed  before I go to sleep. 

When I ordered the yarn for All the Love from eat.sleep.knit, I also ordered 2 colors of chunky wool from Premier Yarns that were on sale at a decent price. I want to make Joji’s EasyBulky One from that yarn. I got Honeydew green for me and Chic Blue for Jo.  Although after making the Big Cozy Sweater for her, I’m not sure I want to make her another oversized sweater, especially out of non-Superwash wool.  Washing and blocking a 3X sweater will be a chore.  I will probably make my Worsted Boxy sweater out of the Malabrigo Rios yarn first, then a Easy Bulky One for myself, by which point winter knitting will be over. 


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