Friday, February 4, 2022

Great Scot!

 Wow!  This sweater is coming along smoothly and rapidly. All The Love is constructed differently from every other sweater I’ve knit, so it took some imagination and faith that I was following the pattern directions correctly as I worked. Today I managed to get both the upper back down to 6” from the shoulder seams and the right & left fronts joined and began knitting the front section.  About 4 1/2” to go before I get to join the body front & back and work in the round. Then when the body is done I have to pick up and knit the sleeves and neckband.  I can probably get this done by my birthday if I put down all my other projects for the next 9 days. That’s my goal anyway. I think the fiddly parts are behind me now and it should be smooth sailing. Of course now that I’ve said it, disasters are inevitable. 

Today the only real breaks I took from the sweater was to go to a new restaurant that does Korean BBQ and a quick run to Target where I got Shout Color Catchers to put in the wash with my wool sweater I plan to wash tomorrow.  It’s dark purple and I expect that to bleed like crazy the first time it’s washed.  And then I took a nap for a bit.  But for the most part I spent the entire day knitting.  Oh and I made some planner stickers for my Hobonichi Weeks planner.  While I knit I watched various videos and my standby movies.  

Tomorrow is supposed to be a terrible storm so schools are closed and I plan to stay in and do laundry and some yarn organizing between knitting.  If the roads are cleared we might go out for breakfast but I’m perfectly content staying in my pjs all day.  

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