Saturday, February 5, 2022

40% Complete

​I’m so proud of my progress on All The Love.  Today I got into my 4th ball of yarn on my sweater.  I’m in the body of the sweater, about 4” below the armpits, working from the top down.  I probably could have done more again today but we went out for brunch then to Dave & Busters, got cookies from Crumbl, bubble tea, and my McDonalds Coke with extra ice.  Then we came home and started watching Jack Ryan on Amazon, which is subtitled a good portion of the time. Tomorrow I need to get some cleaning and organizing done so I probably shouldn’t plan on knitting but I know I will squeeze some in when I’m having the pre-Monday-Post-Vacation anxiety attack in the evening.  

I had planned on joining the zoom meeting with the School of SweetGeorgia today but since we were out until after 4pm I missed it. I did watch Felicia’s YouTube video about her purchase of a sock knitting machine.  I really want one and I’ve looked for some before. She posted a link to the company she ordered hers from and I really want one, but they are over $1500.  I have no idea when I would possibly have that kind of extra money. But it’s there as a daydream. 

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