Thursday, January 27, 2022

Slow Progress

​It’s painfully slow going on Jo’s sweater, but I’m making some progress every day.  It’s not going to be done this week like I had hoped, but my new project is going to be the C2C Throw kit that I got from We Crochet instead of another sweater like I was originally thinking.  And I also want to work a bunch on Courtney’s Temperature Afghan. I don’t think I’ve touched it since Christmas when I started spinning again. My 10 day vacation has officially started and I’m psyched to have time at home to work on my projects uninterrupted if I want to.  We have some staycation ideas for things to do, but Rochester NY is no Walt Disney World.  Especially in Jan/Feb.  One of the things I like to do while knitting is listen to books or videos but I’ve been in a rut lately. Maybe this week I will be able to find something interesting to watch or listen to amount the pile of apps and streaming services my family requires me to subscribe to.  

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