Friday, January 28, 2022

Leaps & Bounds!

​Well, I’m feeling quite accomplished after I figured out how to do C2C crochet on the afghan kit I got from WeCrochet.  I had to watch a YouTube video to get a handle on the color changes, but then I rocked & rolled! I’m on row 21 of 95 but I feel like this is going to be a fairly quick project because the color changes every few blocks keeps me engaged.  I spend a lot of time counting to make sure I’m getting the pattern right, like I do with lace knitting.  It was refreshing to learn something new after 20+ years of knowing how to crochet.  I still haven’t broken out my new Tunisian crochet hook set to try that. I think I will save that for when this crochet afghan is finished, considering I have a sweater for Jo, the Temperature afghan for Courtney, and still a good amount of Blue-Faced Leicester wool top left to spin before I can ply my first (in 10 years anyway) yarn. 

I tried to find local yarn shops near me to visit this week but it looks like they didn’t survive the pandemic or are strictly online now. I think for my birthday in a couple weeks I will ask for some silk blend yarn for Joji’s All The Love sweater.  I have some that I started the pattern with years ago in a different size and I’m not sure I have enough to make the smaller size.  Plus I found a bright pink shade of the yarn she used for the pattern that I fell in love with.  But since I’m supposed to be on a fiber diet I stopped short of cashing out.  Gifts are permissible so I’m hoping someone asks me what I want, because I’m prepared for a change. 

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