Monday, January 31, 2022

Prepped for Sweaters

​I got bored knitting on Jo’s sweater yesterday so I decided to take a couple breaks to print out my sweater patterns for Joji Locatelli’s All The Love and Worsted Boxy on sticker paper, cut them down and stuck them in my Hobonichi Weeks.  It will serve as an easy place to have the pattern at my side as I work and a memory of the accomplishment in my planner.  

Yesterday was a pj day where I sat in bed and worked a couple rows on my afghan and as much as I could on Jo’s sweater. I’m dreading the sleeves, both because it will require more stitches in each row and because it will be in that annoying ridged pattern I can’t seem to keep track of in my head. Today we are spending the day at Turningstone Casino playing Bingo. I will be bringing my knitting to work on during the down time. I was thinking about casting on a sock to work today but I’m gonna keep plugging away at Jo’s sweater. I am about to run out of the first cake in a couple inches on one piece, so I’m gonna try to work until I run out of yarn I guess. I estimated it would take up to 4 cakes so I have plenty of yarn to use to finish it up.  

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