Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Plans for the day off

 Tomorrow I have the day off and I plan to do a good bit of knitting and spinning while I'm home.  The Pi Shawl is getting heavy in a good way.  I've finished row 37 on the 576 stitch section.  Only 11 or 12 more rounds to go.  Then I get to knit on the border, which I expect to be tedious and time consuming.  I just know it will be a relief to finish such a massive project.  Then onto Jo's Big Comfy Sweater.  My correct needle should arrive tomorrow, I hope.  Then I will be able to speed along on both the front and back of her sweater with my ergonomic needles.  

I also want to finish spinning up the BFL wool so that I can ply it this weekend when I have my next day off.  Then I will be able to start spinning some of the other fibers I bought.  If I feel like I've gotten enough of a hang of it, I might do one of the colored rovings or maybe even try one of the batts.  The goal is to get thru the bag of BFL first.  

This morning I ordered more lotion from Happy Hands Store on Etsy.  I love the Bohemian and Apricot & Honey scents.  Now I will have big enough bottles that I won't be afraid to use it all up in my little 1oz tottle bottles.  The smell stays on your skin, not on your knitting.  And my hands get dry from all the alcohol and gloves I have to wear at work doing covid testing.  I will be able to bring some to work to use during the day and have plenty at home to use when knitting or spinning and my hands get rough. 

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