Thursday, December 16, 2021

Spinning Again

 So, I've gotten back into spinning wool into yarn.   I upgraded the flyer on my Babe Production double treadle spinning wheel I bought back in 2010.  I bought new bobbins for it - Standard, Lace and Plying bobbins.  I bought the booklet about how to use the wheel.  Then I sat down and tried to spin and god it's so frustrating when you're building that muscle memory back.  I watched a couple courses on Craftsy.  I got out some wool and my new drop spindle and got frustrated with trying to do that.  My christmas gift from my parents was a 20 pack of roving from Knitpicks, so that I'll have wool for years. I can't wait for my current assignment to wind down next week so that I can spend some time at home doing my crafts.   I've been working an average of 16 hours of overtime a week for the past 3 months, and I'm exhausted. 

My other current projects are my temperature blanket for Courtney which is into April,  and the Red Heart/Lorna Miser Big Comfy Sweater pattern that I'm currently making from Caron Big Cakes Rainbow Jellys yarn.  I've gotten the front & back to the sleeve cast-ons.  I'm working on that during the slow times of my job.  When mine is done in the size small, I will cast on for my daughter's 2-3X size with a different colorway of the same yarn.   My husband's christmas gift to me is a new set of Denise Interchangeable Short Sharp needles and a set of their Interchangeable Crochet hooks and 2 packages of extra cables in every size I could possibly need.  I will be good to go for a long time.  Also I got my Crochet hooks from Furls and was quite disappointed because the Odyssey is so damn heavy and has no thumb rest, so I'm not sure what hold they consider ergonomic, but clearly not how I hold mine.  

I also found some emails from my blog posts back in 2004, including announcing my 17 year old's birth. I did a lot of knitting back then, so it's crazy to me to go back and see how active I was with my crafting. 

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