Thursday, December 16, 2021

Goals for 2022

 As I've been fiendishly buying all the wool and yarn I can (barely) afford, and hoarding tools, I have been planning quite a few future projects and I hope next year will be one where I can spend more time working on my hobbies.  In my search thru my ancient email archives looking for references to a project I made with a specific yarn from Lorna's Laces many years ago, I found copies of some old blog posts from 17 years ago, including the post where I announced the birth of my daughter Courtney.  My posts were very specific about what projects I was working on, had pictures and links, and all the fun stuff that I used to do when my blog was one of my major investments of my life.  After all, it was the reason I lost my job in 2003.  I spent blood, sweat and tears on that thing.  Unfortunately, dismantling it and losing those memories forever did not save my job, so it was all for naught.  

Today I bought yarn and more spinning fiber from Knitpicks, as my window shopping yesterday turned into sale & clearance prices today and I couldn't pass up the deal.  I bought some mohair yarn to make my mom something for Mother's day, most likely Elizabeth Zimmermann's shawl pattern from the cover of Knitter's Almanac.   I also went to Schoolhouse Press and bought a pattern for a lace shawl and 8 balls of laceweight icelandic wool for that.  On Amazon, I bought muslin bags to keep my projects in and my wool clean & tidy, and a copy of Handknitting with Meg Swansen.  My fiber from Paradise Fibers finally shipped tonight.  We'll see what a pound of fiber looks like from them before I order the other color I liked on the site.  For some reason Paypal wouldn't let me buy it the other night.  On my way home from work I went to the Joann's on the other side of town to pick up 4 row counters for my various projects since I keep losing my place and it was screwing up my pattern of ridges on my Big Comfy Sweater.  Both the front and back are now into the top sleeve/yoke area so just the 4 row repeat until I get 10 inches knit.  I'm hoping to finish that sweater this weekend.  I have been knitting during slow times at work and that's helped keep me sane and gotten quite a bit of progress done on this sweater.  

The temperature afghan for Courtney didn't get anything worked on it today.  That will be my secondary project this weekend.  We are supposed to be getting snow on Saturday, so aside from going to my kids' step-grandmother's to get gifts, and getting my nails done, I plan on staying in front of my fake fire and working with fiber all weekend.  I haven't had a Friday night off in about 3 months, so that will also be a relief and some time I can spend with my projects.  I have to work Monday-Thursday next week, then I'm off on Friday & Saturday for the holiday, then I'm back to work on Sunday, so no real "weekend" for me next week.  The following week I'm working Sunday but then have Monday off.  I'm not sure what my job expects of me anymore, but I'm kind of irritated that I'm getting scheduled weekends and nobody else is.  

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