Thursday, December 16, 2021

Fiber Diet 2022

 Ok, so I've come to the conclusion thru updating my Hobonichi Weeks and my blog that I have purchased a ridiculous amount of yarn and fiber in the past 3 months or so.  I've been working a lot of overtime, which makes me tired, and being tired makes me shop.  Not rational, but true for me.  So, I'm committing to not buying any new yarn in the new year.  I don't plan to buy any more fiber either, but I would like to try spinning a batt at some point, so I'm not ruling that purchase out, but I've got 3 different types of rovings to spin and that should keep me busy for  a good long time.  I'm going to keep track of the amount of yarn I use up in 2022.  Heck, I'm going to add fabric to the list of things I'm not buying next year, because I could literally make pajamas and totebags for everyone I know and still have bolts of fabric left over.  So we're going to call this The Fiber Diet 2022.  It begins Jan 1, 2022.  It applies only to yarn, fabric & fiber, so I am still allowed to buy notions, books and patterns.   Wish me luck!  If you would like to join me, comment below - I would love to hear from you!

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