Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Cozy Killer Strikes Again

 The Cozy Killer is what we call Johanna when she wakes us up unnecessarily early in the morning, either on the weekend, or even sometimes strikes on the weekdays I don't have to be to work early in the morning.  She comes in my room and shakes my foot until I acknowledge her, usually with whisper shouting to leave me alone.  She always wants to do something, but never the stuff that needs to be done.  Laundry, cleaning up the pop cans littering her desk, etc.  That's not the "something" she wants to do.  Never mind that it needs to be done.  And this wasn't how I wanted to start my Saturday morning.  Especially after a god awful week.  My goal for this weekend was to clean up my craft room and reorganize my clothes closet.  Now I will settle for doing one of them.  I'm not sure which one at this point.  I have bushels of clean clothes that need to be sorted and hung up on the new 2nd rod extension I bought from Amazon this week.  In order to hang that, I need to get rid of 2 plastic drawer units that are current on the floor of my closet that I haven't used in 5+ years.  I'm hoping they fit under my sewing table so I can use them for that purpose, otherwise I have no idea where they will go.  I want to get my Stalogy started this weekend, although I think I'm going to set it up starting in April.  We'll see how I feel when I get the craft room cleaned and I can sit at my desk to think. 

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