Saturday, March 6, 2021

HP Envy

 Today I bought a new printer after being frustrated for the last time because I needed to get up and load sticker paper in the printer before I could print from my bedroom.  At one point I had 2 Canon Pixma printers so that I wouldn't have to stop to load 4x6 photo paper and that feeling of freedom called to me.  I looked into more HP printers online and went to Walmart which didn't have any in stock, and ended up choosing an HP ENVY Pro 6455 at Target.  I got 4 months of free printing with HP Instant Ink, and then plan to put it on a $0.99 or $2.99 plan per month so that I can just print my stickers on it.  My existing printer will still be my workhorse for documents on regular paper.  That sucker is holding up well and I hope it stays that way.  It's an OfficeJet Pro 8620 that I've had for about 6 years now and love.  With the exception of sometimes not wanting to link up via wifi, it's been a great product.  I intended to downgrade my plan on that machine, since they hiked the prices when they added more printing tiers, but when I look at how much I've been printing the past few months, I'm better off keeping the higher plan for the time being.  After I get a few months of usage out of the new printer, we'll see how I feel about the original plan.  

I came home and ate dinner and then got started cutting my stickers that I'd printed last night.  Some of the new printable stickers I bought on Etsy are misbehaving when I go to register the pages on my Cameo so I got frustrated and gave up for the night.  I did sit down and start setting up my b6 Stalogy using my printable calendars that I got from a few websites like, and Maddie at Lovely Planner.  After buying some printables that didn't work (one file was corrupted, several others have registration marks too close to the edge to work), I'm hesitating before buying more on Etsy.  I could still cut them with scissors or an exacto knife, but I didn't get a $250 machine to use scissors, ya know?   My order of Vellum and Acetate should arrive tomorrow, so I'll be able to print some files and tip in some stuff if I have the time and energy.  Tomorrow is a NASCAR race day, so I usually spend the afternoon in bed watching that.  I have so many other things I should be doing tomorrow, but a part of me wants to look thru a basket of yarn projects I bought many moons ago from Craftsy and start something fresh, like a shawl.  My swift and ball winder are put away for now to make room for my Cameo 4, so it would take some effort.  We'll see how tomorrow goes. 

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