Tuesday, October 29, 2019


So, I've decided that my challenge for November 2019 will be to journal 50k words during the month and blog about it.  I've planned out a blogging schedule to update the world with my progress 3 times a week.  It'll be 14 blog posts over the course of the month, which is a vast increase compared to my last 2 years of blogging here & there when the inspiration struck.  I still haven't decided whether to journal by hand or on my computer.  The main difference will be how I count words - either manually or letting a computer do the work.  I have plenty of paper and writing utensils that are waiting to be put to use, so there is a draw to doing it longhand on some overpriced stationery.  I have fountain pens and gel pens that are dying to be used.  And it's not like I plan to ever go back and read the nonsense I write.  It's not like a book I plan to type up and publish.  The point of #Gettoknowyourself50k2019 is to spill my guts and maybe learn some things about myself while I'm at it. 

Today was a little exciting because I found an opportunity that seems to be a good thing for me.  It will require me to make a phone call tomorrow to inquire about it, which I'm a nervous wreck about tonight.  But I'm hoping for some good news soon, so that I can put part of my stress away for a while.

The other exciting things that happened today was that I went back to brown hair and I got my new phone.  The iPhone 11 is taking a bit of getting used to since it has no home button.  I'm used to having the do the finger print to open or log into things.  On the new phone it just uses my face, which seems to work even in the dark.  Kind of scary how that works.  My blue hair is now back to a brown shade that is still lighter than my natural color.  After being bleached to death, my hair is like straw and will need to be seriously cut short, either in a month by Henry, or sooner if I can't take it that long.  I could have kept it blue for a while longer, but I was tired of it.  It had been blue since my birthday back in February, and I was sick of it. 

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