Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Accessory August

 I think I might have mentioned before that I’m a part of a community called The Mindful Creators Clubhouse.  It’s a paid social network that focuses on crafting, especially knit/crochet/spinning/dyeing but all crafts are welcome, but also on mental health.  I have been a member since the Beta test in March of this year, and I quite enjoy it.  Each month we have a makealong subject instead of a specific pattern we all work on.  In June/July we had a summer top makealong.  August is for accessories - small projects like socks, dishcloths, small shawls, etc.  I will hopefully be working on finishing my gumball socks and making a lot of crocheted granny squares for a Christmas project I’m working on.  

This morning I’m up early because I have to be at work at 7am for a change.  We are launching a new inventory system at my store, which is expected to be a nightmare.  I had the system at my old store, so I am a little familiar with it, but the initial launch is always a rough start, even after nearly 2 years of the company rolling it out.  I didn’t have to process the incoming inventory every day at the old store like I do at the new store, so I will be more impacted this time around.  My coworkers have never used it before, so I have nobody onsite to ask questions, if anything they will be asking me.  

This evening we are going to see Matchbox20 in concert.  I say evening, but it’s more of an all-day affair, as the parking lots open at 3pm, the gates open at 6pm, and the show starts at 7:30pm.  I get out of work at 1:30, and we are leaving directly after I get home.  I’m hoping the day will be uneventful.  I have a long history of issues when I go to concerts, dating back to my first concert on the night of my senior ball, when I opted to hang out with a friend and we went to a radio station concert downtown.  The band incited the mosh pit to riot against security, and we ended up pepper sprayed and a lot of people were arrested.  Luckily I wasn’t affected, but it was my introduction to trouble with concerts.  My next concert a couple years later was at a bigger venue and a lot of teenagers were drinking spiked koolaid and puking in garbage cans.  My brand new car was my biggest concern and we left before the most well known artists got on stage because we didn’t want to get hit by drunk drivers.  The following concert was DMB, where we were towards the front of the crowd and were getting squished to the point that we went to the front and were hauled over the security fence by guards and barely saw the concert from the lawn.  After that concert, I swore off them for life.  Life ended up being 1998-2014, when I went to the NY State Fair and passed out during Barenaked Ladies.  Then there was Alanis, when my daughter was sent to a psychiatric hospital just before I was leaving town for the show.  The last few shows I’ve taken Jo because bad stuff doesn’t seem to happen when she’s with me.  I hope that luck holds out today.  My mom is in the hospital from having a stoke last week, but she’s where I know she’s getting the best possible care.  My nephew was in a car accident last week, too.  I hope all our miserable luck is behind us.  

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