Thursday, July 28, 2022

Granny Squares Galore!

​I finished my granny square afghan tonight/this morning.  It’s massive!  Like a bedspread for a king sized bed-massive!  I downsized from my original plan of making it 16x18 squares down to 14x16.  The squares were blocked to 5” square. But then I did the Join-as-you-go method of connecting them with contrasting black yarn and that added additional inches. Then I learned of the block stitch border stitch pattern and tossed a few rounds of that on after it was all stitched together. So, yeah, massive.  It weighs about 9-10 pounds according to my bathroom scale. 

All in all, I used 3 pounds of black Caron yarn for the joining and border, plus 21 colors of various brands of yarn (Red Heart, Caron, I Love This Yarn and Big Twist) to make up the squares and the color pop in the border.  I used an H 5mm hook from Hobby Lobby that I love. I started crocheting the squares on July 2nd.  I started joining them together on July 19th.  I made 16 squares of most colors, fewer with the smaller skeins and leftover yarn from the temperature blankets.  I have 70 squares leftover to use in my next scrap project.  I also generated about 2 cups of yarn tails I trimmed from all the squares I used.  I spent most of today weaving and trimming those.  Next time I think I will weave the center (starting) end before I join them, then pay attention to putting the ending tail towards the back of the work.  I don’t mind the weaving at the end of the project but it was cumbersome with such a massive project and some tails on the front and some on the back of the work.  

Now I need to take a short break to catch up on other things before I dive into my next project.  

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