Monday, November 15, 2021

One Month Down

 I finished the month of January 2002 on my 2 Temperature blankets.  If I concentrate on what I’m working on I can get a row done in 15 minutes. I’m much slower if I’m distracted by the tv or eating at the same time. 

My order of a drop spindle, 13 hanks of wool roving and a Niddy Noddy came in today, which was exciting until I tried to spin and immediately got frustrated. Then I tried the cheap Tunisian crochet hooks I got from Amazon. Don’t buy them. The metal straight ones are fine but the bamboo flex hooks are rough and tore apart my acrylic yarn. I did like the idea of Tunisian crochet so I’m glad I have a couple books on the way. 

For my Christmas present from my husband I splurged on a set of short Denise knitting needles, a set of Tunisian crochet hooks, a set of short cords and a set of long cords.  I love those needles. I own a couple sets but they are misplaced in different projects. I’ve learned now to keep things together so that shouldn’t be such a problem going forward. 

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