Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sunday, Boring Sunday

 Today I wasn't able to get a good night of sleep so I was a little irritated when Jo asked to go to my parents house so she could ask my dad to be her ComHab worker.  I bought some extra sleeping time by making her take a shower, get dressed and do a load of her laundry.  Then I had to get up and get going.  We got to my parents house to find they had gone shopping and weren't even home.  I took the time waiting for them to get home to scroll thru my phone and watch some of youtube videos.  I helped my dad file a complaint about a product he purchased that arrived damaged.  He's had an iphone for about 4 years and hasn't learned how to text or check his voicemail, let alone send an email.  He begrudgingly agreed to Johanna's request for him to work for her.  Then my mom loaded us up with frozen foods we didn't need and we headed home.  

I spent some time working on my puzzle, watching Willy Wonka and taking a short nap while Dan grocery shopped.  Then it was time to watch the Nascar race.  A totally boring race.  At one point I nodded off but woke up when Dan got up to make our flatbread pizzas for dinner.  Our digital antenna was being lazy towards the end of the race and kept cutting out.  Very annoying.  

When the race finished I went downstairs and worked on my puzzle some more. I'm at the frustrating part where I'm missing some obvious pieces from the mostly finished parts, and can't seem to figure out the big parts that have many pieces to organize and arrange.  And I dumped one of the boxes of pieces on the floor, so I have to rearrange those all face up tomorrow when I'm less frustrated. 

I made a new playlist of the songs I played on repeat during my time at community college in 1996-97.  I miss the days when I would just put one album on repeat and listen to it non-stop.  Those are the times when I really feel like the music merges with my life and I really relate to that time in my life when I hear it.  My time at MCC was one of those times.  When I hear No Doubt, Jewel, Fiona Apple, it takes me back to those days.  When I hear Lorde I think of when I had my gastric bypass surgery in 2013, and Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP 2 reminds me of my post-op time at the gym and walking the beach path every day.   I don't really listen to complete albums by a particular artist anymore.  I more listen to the top hits from the radio and then shazam them into my library.  I used to build weekly Hollywood Hamilton Weekend Top 30 lists every week, but they don't seem to publish the lists and I don't have the time or patience to listen to the show and make the list that way.  

Tomorrow I go into work at 9:30am, so I hope I get a good night's sleep since I have a little extra time to sleep.  

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