Saturday, December 29, 2018

Being Overwhelmed

The new year is only a couple days off, and I've found myself in a state of complete overwhelm.  I'm not sure of the grammatical accuracy of that statement, but it's the only way I can think of to describe my emotions and life right now.  And it's been building for a few months.  I would say that since October, I've been constantly looking forward.  To the Nanowrimo challenge.  Then to the holidays.  Then to the new year.  Always waiting for the next shoe to drop, the next starting gun to fire.  And it's not all bad news.  I participated in Nanowrimo, but I didn't finish my novel.  I will get back to it sometime this year, but right now I'm just still too burned out on the story to make a good quality attempt.  My holidays were a rushed mess of throwing money at things I ran out of time to properly shop for.  My house is falling down around my ears because I haven't taken the time to put things where they belong in months.  I basically sleep and work and stare at my phone and write in my bullet journal.  That's not exactly living. 

So, for the new year, I decided to make some changes.  I somehow got sucked into the decorative, glam planning, world of paper planners again.  Several years ago, this was my jam.  I got several friends into it, to the point that all of us own Silhouette Cameo machines and make our own stickers.  I just couldn't see the point of spending $3+ on a half-sheet of stickers, which I would inevitably be afraid to use up because I'm a hoarder, and my logical brain doesn't kick in that often when it comes to these things.  Even though I buy digital stickers and can print and cut them as needed, I still make myself 5 full sheets at a time.  Why?  I'm a hoarder.  I have no other excuse.  But now I've gotten to the extreme of having a Big Happy Planner, a standard Recollections planner, a work Recollections planner.  That seems like a lot, but it's not even the end.  I also have a dot grid notebook and a Daily Agenda notebook that I got from Archer and Olive.  So, yeah, I'm deep into the planner addiction. 

My bullet journal I started at the beginning of December and love it.  The Archer & Olive notebooks are made with super thick paper that you can even paint on without bleed-thru.  I love bullet journaling.  I've been doing it on & off for 5 years or since the first video Ryder put up was still newish.  I fall off the wagon every so often, but I love coming back and drawing out the spreads and making the collections.  I bought his book and journal set when it launched, but my copy looks like it got run over by a truck - like the hardcovers are severely damaged.  I'm keeping that Leuchtturm notebook for a backup backup.  I was wondering why the price was so good on the set - and now we know.

The Archer & Olive Daily Agenda notebook also got started in December, since it's undated.  I'm committed to only using a black pen in it, along with some mainly black & white stickers that I got from StickyAcorn on Etsy that are cute little girls named Miki in various emotional states.  Sometimes a sticker is the best way to sum up the day.  I basically reflect on my day's happenings - things I did, places I went and with whom, things I bought, and other details I want to remember down the line.  I only write in this at the end of the day or sometimes the next morning, but there's no planning in this - just memory keeping.

My work Recollections vertical planner is one I've been using since the summer.  I track all my stats at work, so when the time comes to defend myself, I'm prepared with notes - the reasons that I'm not some superstar statistically, even though I think I'm working pretty hard.  In the call center world, we get graded by the second, and every second counts.  The company I'm working for right now has a skewed representation of how I'm spending my working time.  So I keep track of the reasons I'm not making their targets.  I refuse to let go of my integrity and do all the shortcutting that my peers get away with in order to make the target.  So, I make a note of the times I'm stuck on a call and miss my break, or when another department puts me on hold and it makes it look like I was trying to avoid talking to my customer.  I come in every day and check on yesterday's stats and log them.  I color code my monthly view to show when I've made the targets, so I can see at a glance how I'm faring.  I was printing out the stats I monitor onto mini post-it notes and then placing them in the boxes, but last night when I couldn't sleep because I was so overwhelmed, I made stickers that I can use instead. 

And then we come to my new 2019 planners.  These are grouped together because I haven't really found my purpose for each of them yet.  The Big Happy Planner has 1 box at the top, then lines filling the rest of the vertical columns. I have a cover for it, and it's packed with 2 extra packs of Happy Planner paper.  I don't see myself taking this out of the house, just because of how big it is.  The standard Recollections vertical planner is in my old standard Happy Planner's cover, even though it's smaller than a Happy Planner.  I like keeping the coil covered so I don't snag anything, and it has a pen loop and pocket for holding my stickers and post-it notes.   One of the first things I did in the Big Happy Planner, was turn the first page into a Year in Pixels page, which I bought from a shop on Etsy and printed on sticker paper and slapped on the page when you're typically writing your name.  I want to make sure I fill that out each day.  Then I took a page of HP yellow graph paper and stamped 16 habit tracker grids onto it, making a Habit Tracker for January.  Instead of using the one I bought, I decided to make individual boxes for each habit so that I can see how each habit is trending, instead of having them all on one tracker that spreads out across the 31 days and doesn't really indicate how well you're doing on each task individually.  I want to see that I'm not being consistent with flossing my teeth or need to really concentrate on updating my Instagram more often.  I'm thinking that some of the habits will be solidified after a month and I can update to a different group of tasks in February.

Maybe my overwhelm is related to waiting for the New Year, the Blank Slate, and maybe it's related to all the things I think I want to start doing when the clean slate arrives.  For instance, I want to start doing 3 chores each day - small things around the house to keep it tidier.  I want to keep all my planners up to date.  I want to knit/crochet a bit, work on a jigsaw puzzle, and read a book a little each day.  Floss my teeth, skip drinks with calories, and exercise at least 20 minutes each day.  Learn Spanish on Duolingo.  Update my Life in Pixels.  Post on Instagram, Facebook and this blog.   This is a lot to have on my plate. Especially when I've been barely surviving work and sleep for the past 6 months.  And maybe I am going to crash and burn, but I know that I usually get more out of myself when I'm up against wall with deadlines or demands.  I'm hoping that I can build these habits into my day in a way that makes me feel more productive, less ADHD, less hopeless.  In the meantime, I'm using a notebook my daughter bought me for Christmas with a handmade fabric cover and a groovy fabric covered button closure.  It's just a generic black & white composition book, but it's also a special notebook because it came from her.  I plan to fill it with journal entries, from cover to cover.  I wonder if it will take me more than a year to fill it.  Or if this year will require more reflection.  I tend to write more when I'm stressed or confused about which choice to make.  I was thinking about writing in my bullet journal, but that has limited pages so I'd rather dedicate it to my bullet journal rapid logging and collections.  I can sometimes write pages of nonsense that I never need to look at again once it's purged from my soul, so this special notebook is the perfect place to keep it.

Do you find the beginning of the year overwhelming?  Or do you look forward to a fresh start?

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Nanowrimo 2018

Well, we are 1 week into NaNoWriMo and I'm at 25% of my word count as of 6am this morning.  My book is going to need to be well over 50k words at the rate I'm going, which is fine.  I will be glad to have the rough 50k done by the end of the month regardless.  I gave up on handwriting because it's so much slower and I had to keep stopping to do a word count for each page.  I can type faster and it automatically counts the words for me.  I can also go back and add a sentence here or there when I realize I've missed something crucial, which I couldn't do on paper.  I'm going to try to get the other 21 pages I have left to transcribe done today.  I hadn't realized how out of practice I am with typing without looking at the keyboard.  I haven't done that kind of typing in ages.  But I began the process and have a few thousand words done, just twice as many left to go.  I basically took a nap last night from 8:30-11pm and haven't been back to sleep yet.  Once J gets on the bus to school, I will try to sleep some more before I go to do my mom's nails.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The end of Preptober

Well, it's finally the end of October, and I can't wait for midnight to get here so I can FINALLY get started on my NaNoWriMo novel that I've been preparing for since September.  Honestly, most of the prep has been acquiring an obscene amount of stationery supplies from overseas.  I first heard of the Oxford Campus Refill Pads (300 pages of 90gsm paper! swoon) from Zoe Kezia in the UK on her YouTube channel a year or two ago and I immediately tried to find them online.  At that time, I couldn't find anyone who would ship to the US. I forgot about it for a while and then rewatched some of her videos and started looking for them again.  I could find them on the UK Staples site, which doesn't ship internationally to the US, so I was still stuck.  I found them on Amazon but they were like $100 for 3 notebooks.  Now, I might be an addict when it comes to paper and writing utensils, but even I'm not paying $33 for a pad of lined paper with a soft cover.  Then, in September, the Amazon-gods suggested the same 3 pack for about $35.  Ok, now I'm sold.  So I order and impatiently check my porch cam every day, waiting for the package to arrive.  And, ta-da, they are as amazing as I expected.  I can use all of my fountain pens without bleeding and only the slightest ghosting with really bold/wet inks.  But...  the notepads are glue bound and you can't really turn the page and write on the back without tearing it out.  And if you want to start a new sheet, the padding glue doesn't really hold on to the previously used pages very well.  So, of course, there I was, on Amazon again, buying the spiral versions of both the A4 & A5 sizes.  The A5 is a little small for me because they have a standard size margin on such a small piece of paper.  But the real genius of these products is that they have the Scribzee markers in the corners so you can take a quick picture of your page when you're done and upload it to the app for safe keeping.  I expect this to be helpful for NaNo, but I've been using the heck out of it for my pen pal letters, which I can now catalog and refer back to, because I have them all organized in folders for each person I write to.  My A4 spirals just came in the mail today, just in time for me to use it for NaNo... where I can write and keep everything intact in one notebook instead of tearing out pages and putting them in a binder. 

     In addition to paper, I've been collecting mechanical and wooden pencils, fountain pen inks,  colored mechanical pencils, erasers, gel pens, you name it.  JetPens has been getting my money for the past few weeks.  I originally planned to use Blackwing 602 pencils but then I got frustrated with their incessant need to be sharpened.  I found BIC Velocity 0.9 mechanical pencils and replaced their lead with my preferred 2B grade and fell in love.  5 of them weren't enough, so I ordered another dozen.  I have a hoarding problem, as you know.  I sat and replaced all the lead in them with the 2B.  I had previously picked up some Twist-Erase GT pencils that are only a 0.5 and some 2B lead, which I like for my bullet journal, but the thicker lead and broader line is more appealing for some reason. 

     Today I bought my final purchase of the month from JetPens - several more tin pencil cases (I freakin LOVE the one I got ... it holds my fountain pens, gel pens, pencils, ruler, erasers, and extra lead tubes), some red pens for editing, a paint pen to mark the various pencil cases, a pencil board (A4 size - pencil transfers to the next page if you write on the back - only downside to that Oxford paper that I have found), a folding ruler for my bullet journal, some Bande Washi Tape that's really Gerbera Daisy stickers, and some Tombow Mono Edge highlighters that can be used against a straight edge without ruining the tips.  That should all keep me going for the month of November while I'm in a forced No Spend month to get my finances in better shape.  Since I will be working my full-time job and writing a ton, I hopefully won't miss my splurges on stationery.  Or yarn.  No spend applies to that as well. 

     Now, I was thinking about cheating and starting Nano today while I'm off work (the joys of call center work - days off in the middle of the week).  But then my daughter had an off-night and had to miss school and my whole day got thrown out of whack.  So, now I'm blogging instead of working on my story. I'm really worried that the starting gun shot is gonna go off and I'm gonna draw a blank.  Also, I have work tomorrow so I'm gonna be excited to start writing but also too geared up to sleep. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

So Much Change

It's been over 4 months since my last post and so much has changed.  My daughter J came to live with me in May.  I changed jobs.  I decided to try acrylic painting (with no success) and have committed to writing a novel this year during Nanowrimo. 

The painting and writing come courtesy of a reading with a psychic I had over the summer.  I've tried writing novels before.  I even bought the MasterClass by James Patterson, which I haven't finished watching.  I tried Nanowrimo 2 of the last 3 years, I think.  Or at least 1 year when I bought a chromebook thinking that was the answer to my problems.  I hated the damn thing and gave it to my dad.  Another year I made a notebook to plan out my novel and that was as far as I made it - setting up my idea notebook. 

The year I had the chromebook I think I made it about a week, maybe about 30% thru the required word count before I gave up.  This year is gonna be different.  First of all, I'm gonna write it longhand on paper.  What paper is still up in the air.  I dream of writing it on 30-hole A4 paper, but I'm having a hard time justifying the expense.  I picked up some heavy weight paper spirals and some wireless notebooks from Walmart.  I'm using them as a journal and for some prewriting to see how I like them.  I've toyed with buying a Leuchtturm or Clairefontaine or Rhodia notebook to use.  A4, A5, standard letter... I can't decide. I started my snowflake notes in a cheap $0.50 wide-ruled composition book, also from Walmart.  I'm writing in that with a classic orange fine-point Bic 4-in-1 pen I found at Walmart for like $3, after I was tempted to spend the $8-9 they were going for on Amazon.  They remind me of my roommate from college who always used them.  I'm not sure if I'm going to write with ballpoint, gel, felt tip or fountain pen or maybe even my blackwing pencils when the actual writing time comes. 

I've been looking at articles and pictures of people who write novels longhand and decided to embrace my inconsistent handwriting.  Compared to some of the chicken scratch I've seen from famous authors, I have nothing to be embarrassed about.  The main reason I want to write it out on paper is that there is something cathartic about having a pen in my hand and leaving a mark on paper.  I feel like I'm purging thoughts that are overflowing when I do that, in a way that typing just doesn't duplicate.  Yes, I will have to type the manuscript again, but that's when my editing will happen.  When I can clean up the mistakes or add details that I hadn't gotten down the first time around.  But just getting the story out of my head and onto paper is going to be my first draft.

As I mentioned, I'm doing some prewriting work using the snowflake method.  It's weird how thinking out the story and trying to broaden the story step by step has taken the story in a direction I hadn't even considered before.  My next step is to do the character workup.  I will enjoy that part, kind of interviewing my characters in my head.  I might even use the backlog of magazines I have piled up from the past year to get some ideas. Or maybe not, as the thought of that is making me anxious.  I just know that I need to really prepare for the event this year.  The last time I participated, I ran out of steam trying to just make it up as I went along.  This year I am going to try to work with a detailed outline so that I know where my story is going from the beginning.  The next story might be a longer work where I can daydream thru the writing and come up with something, but a 30 day crash novel needs some structured thinking in order for it to make sense at the end. 

So that's what I've been working on lately.  I've also been knitting and working and throwing by back out while moving a feather-light Yogibo bean bag chair.  That's talent right there.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Toronto Haul / Internet Binge

Last weekend my boyfriend & I trekked up to Toronto, Canada.  I dragged him to 2 different yarn shops while we were there (Romni & Yarnsomniacs).  It happened to be Local Yarn Store Day, so I got a deal on Saturday at  Romni Wool Co.  Romni is a huge, 2 floor store that sells just about everything that has ever been produced.  I purchased a sweater quantity of Malabrigo Rios in Purple Mystery to make a Worsted Boxy. I also got a yarn that is put up in a hank of narrow knitted fabric like a sock blank called Magic Kettle.  I got 2 different clearance cotton blend yarns, one is a chain construction (Rowan Softknit Cotton) and the other is a tape or ribbon (Schachenmayr Batiko Sun), to make the KISS scarf from CozyUp Designs. Then I got 2 different super bright sock yarns, 
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Neon & Lang Yarns Super Soxx Cashmere Color 4 ply.  And some sparkly purple patterned sock yarn that I think was on clearance called Rico Design Superba Las Vegas Superwash 4 f├Ądig.  The haul was expensive, but I was thrilled to get the Malabrigo in a sweater quantity, since my LYS only has a hank or two of each color left.  And I really wanted to use the yarn that Joji designed it for.  

On Sunday morning we went to Porch Swing Yarnsomniacs, where I tried to stay focused and I picked up 3 sets of Zing dpns and a new measuring tape.  I wanted to cast on the cotton K.I.S.S. scarf for the ride home.  I really wish I would have picked up more at that store, since it was small and I know the purchase probably would have meant more to them than some of the other places I buy yarn.  But my boyfriend was there, and it was hard to justify another large purchase.

Of course, a few days later, I was watching Joji Locatelli's youtube video and she recommended a yarn I haven't used before, Madelinetosh Work Sock.  So I checked out the website and next thing I know, I'm purchasing 5 skeins of the yarn online.  The next day I decide to splurge on Signature needles.  I got 10" size 10's to use to make scarves and a set of size 1 dpns to make socks.  I've heard great things about these needles, and I hope they live up to their reputation or I will be pissed at the amount of money I spent on them.  But if they are as good as I expect them to be, I will consider it an investment in my craft. 

And then I was watching CozyUpWithTheStitchinSisters and begged to be a test knitter for a pattern they are working on for a 1 skein sock weight shawl.  I have the ball of cashmere blend that I bought at Romni that is begging to be a shawl because it's a non-repeating rainbow stripe yarn, and I don't want to have mismatched socks.  I was bouncing up & down in my seat when I got the response that I could be a tester later that evening while we were out to dinner.  I don't know what size needle I will need for that project, so I checked my needle inventory and noticed I was missing a few sizes yet of Chiao Goo Red Lace needles.  Just in case those were the sizes I needed, I hopped onto Amazon and ordered those. 

My credit cards and my family aren't thrilled with me, but I'm still feeling ok yet.  I've got plenty of yarn to keep me going without buying more for quite a while now.  Yarn diet time.  I'm gonna set the goal of no new yarn until September - when the next yarn festival in my area will happen.  I've also purchased bulk stitch markers on ebay & amazon, and generic cotton/linen drawstring bags to use for projects.  Unless these Signature needles prove to be magic, I'm done with acquisitions for quite a while.  I have cotton to make dishcloths, sock yarns to make shawls or socks, acrylics to make blankets or monsters, and worsted blend yarns to make tanks or short sleeve tops. 

Since I've been spending so much time knitting, I'm spending all my time sitting.  Not good for my body.  So yesterday I made another middle of the night splurge purchase - a Spin bike.  I already own a treadmill I've used twice since we moved it to our house almost 2 years ago.  It's out in the sun room and there are no lights out there, so when I would usually try to use it at night, I don't have a light to turn on and don't really want people watching me work out.  The bike will hopefully go in the family room where I can use my ipad to watch SpinTV or perhaps download the Peloton app.  I couldn't afford a Peloton bike like a couple friends have gotten, but the app is only $12.99/month, whereas the bike requires a $39.95/month subscription to the service for some reason.  The bike I bought only cost $410 with shipping and comes with a year to SpinTV, compared to a $1995 bike that requires at least a 12 month subscription to the service.  I'm gonna wait for the bike to get here before I buy a new seat cushion or a whole new seat.  The one time I took a spin class, I killed my fanny.  But I like the idea of spinning and I know that it burns more calories than anything else I like to do.  And I can do it while watching TV or Youtube in my PJs and without taking a shower beforehand.  The gym I belong to is really low budget, but even I have to take a shower and put on real clothes before I go there. 

One of the reasons I wanted to have the gym equip at home was that I got a new job I will be starting in a couple weeks.  It's going to be good money but sucky hours.  I'm gonna be looking to exercise in the middle of the night when I get home, or first thing when I wake up in the morning, before I get showered and dressed for work in the afternoon.  My weight loss journey is not going to become a failure story, I am determined to get back to my goal weight, which is about 25 pounds less than I weigh now.  I'm going to start buying real food and eating at home more, and cutting out all the regular soda I've gotten accustomed to drinking at work.  My new job will have no physical exercise so I need to be more careful about my diet and get exercise outside of work. 

Back to knitting - I finished the body of my Easy One tonight and that was so exciting.  Just 2 sleeves and the neck to do.  I'm not sure if I'll be getting it done in time to wear before next fall.  It's a light-weight sweater in a pale green, so I might be able to wear it for a while yet at night if I go out.  The worsted Boxy is on it's 3rd skein of Rios.  The usual suggestion to alternate skeins is one I probably should have taken, but I've never done it before and decided not to do it this time either.  That means the bottom few inches are a totally different shade of purple than the next 2 sections that are more of a royal purple instead of a goth-y deep purple.  When I bought the yarn I thought it was much deeper than it's knitting up.  I'll probably keep working on that until Jamie gets back to me with the pattern for the test knit, which will be my only project while I'm working on it because they want it to be done in a week.  I think I should be fine knitting a 100g ball of fingering yarn in a week.  Especially with a lacy pattern.  Then there is my cashmere blend sweater project, All The Love, also by Joji ... I'm on the upper front of that, where I need to read each row from the pattern, so that is sidelined for now - mindless knitting is where I'm at this week. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Podcasters are Enablers!

Ok, my favorite thing about knitting and knitters being online these days is the way they share what they're doing.  What they're knitting or crocheting, trinkets they buy, etc.  But in the past couple weeks I've been enabled too much by the podcasters I follow.  I've acquired 2 wax melt warmers to replace the 1 I have had for years.  I got a ton of different wax melts to try out.  I bought yarn from ICE Yarns in Turkey for a few summer projects and a fancier sweater for me.  I ordered a book from B&N that was recommended on a crochet podcast.  And I got some sparkly cotton yarn on a sweet deal from Premier Yarns.  So, let's just say I have too much yarn and not enough time, but at least I have some fresh scents to work around and a book of patterns to inspire me if I get bored.  Oh, I almost forgot the new high capacity ball winder I got so that my yarn cakes aren't wonky when I go over 4 ounces of acrylic.

Last week I cast on my Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Matcha for The East One by Joji Locatelli.  The other main project is the Sockhead Hat with the Graffiti Blast yarn.  My crochet project is the Peaceful Easy blanket. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

There's Not Enough Time!

There's not enough time!  It's something I say to my boyfriend at least a few times a day.  Before it was that there wasn't enough time to sleep or be cozy.  Since I've gotten back to my yarny crafts, it's been about not having enough time to knit or crochet. 

Right now I'm working on the heel on the Bumblebee sock.  I decided to use black yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners called Licorice I think.  The ballband only has numbers on it.  It's their Signature 4-ply.  I decided to just bite the bullet and do the heel before I finish the foot of the sock on the 9" circular.  I want to make sure the heel is actually 2", which is what I estimate it to be.  I'm not sure if I will ever do afterthought heels again.  They seem to be a pain in the ass.  I enjoy being able to just knit an easy sock tube, but doing the heels seems like an unnecessary burden.  Maybe it's just because I've never knit socks for Dan before and I'm not 100% sure they will fit.  Maybe a second pair, where I'm more confident that I'm knitting the right size, will be easier. 

My other major project this week has been the crocheted afghan, Peaceful Easy Blanket.  I decided to just do random stripes with the yarn as I get sick of looking at the same color.  I found the pink Ombre yarn at Joann's the other day, so right now that's the color I'm working on.  The blanket is going to be plenty long enough but I'm not sure it's going to be wide enough, so I might need to add some thick border crochet to make it a foot or so wider.  I have Caron One Pound in white that I can use for that.

Speaking of buying yarn, I got an unexpected chunk of change this week, so on my day off from work I went to a different Walmart and bought all the Bernat Pop! and Mandala yarns that I didn't already have.  So I have one cake of each color I could find.  I also got a pack of Boye Ergonomic crochet hooks so that I know I now have every size in an ergo handle.  The pack was under $25 for all 12 sizes, when I have paid $6.99-$8.99 for each one that I got in the past.  I also went to Joann's and got that skein of Ombre and 4 pounds of Caron yarn - 2 in a bright turquoise and 2 in white.  I also got 3 project bags with knit & crochet sayings on them.  Those were on clearance.  There were good coupons so that didn't put in as much of a dent in my wallet as usual.  I think the pounds of yarn came in under $5.50 each.  I walked out of Michaels without buying anything, since I'd been there a few days ago and got a few cupcakes and a yarn container, nothing else was jumping out at me. 

Now, in case you were concerned about all the acrylic cheap yarn I'm buying, don't fret.  I haven't given up on the wool yarns in my stash.  I'm just afraid to wash them, so it's not really my go-to.  I got rubber tiles to block on, and a couple pack of Dritz T-pins. I've been stalling on blocking the Scania shawl I made for J.  So yesterday I filled a bucket with water and soaked the shawl.  I immediately remembered that god-awful wet wool smell that I haven't smelled since I stopped felting about 13 years ago.  I set out the flooring tiles and pinned out the shawl and set a fan on the floor to increase airflow.  Then waited.  And waited.  And waited.  By the time I woke up this morning, I checked and it was nearly dry.  I think I'll wait until I get home from work tonight to unpin it. 

I finished knitting the final body part of J's monster momma.  I stitched up the pockets, now I just need to stuff & sew on the arms & legs and send it off with the shawl for J, and the socks for C. 

My 15 year old daughter has decided to knit, so we Skyped the other night while we tried to get her cast on for a scarf out of Mandala yarn.  We spent an hour, she didn't get the 40 stitches cast on.  Hopefully once we're cast on, the knitting can start and some muscle memory can start taking over.  I'm knitting a scarf out of the same yarn/colorway and needle size along with her.  It's Mandala Gnome yarn - a bright rainbow.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Moving Forward

So, today I accomplished next to nothing, but I did spend a lot of interrupted periods working on a new afghan that I'm crocheting.  The pattern is based on The Peaceful Easy Blanket by Susan E. Kennedy.  I'm starting with Red Heart Supersaver Ombre Sea Coral.  I started with the foundation chain that the pattern calls for.  But after 15 rows, I got sick of working with the same color.  I changed to the colorway Scuba.  I will do 2 repeats of each of the 5 color stripes. 

I washed my swatch for The Easy One that I knit yesterday with the US4 needles.  But my boyfriend took it out of the washer and set it on top of the dryer instead of running it with the reset of the laundry or smoothing it out as it would be for blocking, so I had to toss it back into the laundry with another load tonight.  I also made a swatch of the same yarn with US3 needles to see which I want to use for the project.  It's crazy how soft the fabric gets when it's washed.  It also gets fuzzy, which I'm not overly thrilled about.  But by tomorrow I should know which needles I need to use for my Easy One project. 

My daughter got to go to Walmart today to pick up a learn to knit kit and yarn to start knitting.  She received the monster knitting books I ordered her from Amazon.  The store she went to today didn't have size 5 dpns, and I know the circular needles are terrible there, so I was back on Amazon to order her a small circular and a set of dpns for when she's ready to try knitting monsters.  She really liked the Mandala yarn better than the Bernat POP! I suggested, so we compromised and she got the Mandala to knit a scarf, and the POP! for her monsters. 

As far as her momma monster that I'm knitting, I got both arms done and one leg I finished ... I just have 1 leg to go, then stitching the face on, stitching up the pockets, stuffing and assembling.  Then I get to do it all again, twice, for the baby monsters. Sigh. 

The Bumblebee socks are on hold because, like a moron, I took out the waste yarn and put the stitches for the heel on a small circ but haven't wound off heel yarn from the ball yet.  The Hermione sock is still ready to go thru the gusset decreases, which I don't feel like concentrating on them right now.  The US 2 needle arrived today for the Sockhead hats I want to make from the hand-dyed yarn I got from Etsy.  That is a nice easy project to take with me - a majority of the knitting is mindless.  And fast, because the needles are so small, it goes quickly with minimal motion.  But I'm trying to stick to the monster project and the crochet afghan for now.  Better to stick to 2 projects and get something accomplished. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Whenever I say I'm not going to buy more yarn, I inevitably fail at that lofty goal.  Last night I realized I was about 40 yards short of what I needed for my Easy One sweater in fingering weight.  And I know I'm gonna want it a little longer than the pattern calls for.  So I had to hop online to order more Stroll Tonal in Matcha for that sweater.  And of course I didn't want to pay for shipping, so I shopped around and added 2 project bags and 3 other skeins of Stroll to my cart before I checked out.  I went with a handpaint called Big Top, and tonals called High Tea and Mocha.  I swatched the Matcha on my ChiaoGoo US 4's but haven't laundered it yet.  My US 2 & 3 ChiaoGoo's should arrive tomorrow, so I'll be able to swatch the Matcha on the US 3's and cast on one of the Sockhead Hat's for my kids on the US 2. 

But that order wasn't enough to keep me from stopping back at Walmart tonight to check out the selection of Bernat POP! and Lion Brand Mandala.  Unfortunately, the POP! was the more expensive yarn, but I love how it was working up on Jo's monster, so I picked up ... eek... 5 more cakes.  The Mandala is a finer yarn, not what I was looking for to make monsters out of, so I only got 1 cake of that.  Then I turned around and saw the Red Heart Ombres and couldn't help myself from adding one of each color to my basket.  I was disappointed that they were out of pink or yellows, but I got peach, blue, turquoise, green, and purple. 

Now I can't decide which yarn to use for my Attic24 Granny Stripe blanket.  I was going to use the POP! but I sort of want to keep that for making the monsters until I finish that project.  The Mandala I only have 3 cakes of, and they aren't complimentary colors, so that's out.  That leaves the Ombres.  I have 5 skeins total, and I'm not sure how much yarn an afghan like that will take.  I want it to be maybe a twin sized afghan, enough to cover up with to sleep, not just a throw or lapghan.  But before I start that project, I wanted to work on Jo's monster.  I finished the first leg of the mom and started the first arm.  I'm not a fan of knitting a small number of stitches in the round for 30 rounds, that's for sure.  Tomorrow I'm going to have to go get stuffing.  I was planning to send the pieces to her and have her get stuffing to do it herself, but I am afraid it won't get done, and all the parts needed to be stuffed before they can be sewn on, which means a lot more than just stuffing the body and whip stitching it closed.