Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Nanowrimo 2018

Well, we are 1 week into NaNoWriMo and I'm at 25% of my word count as of 6am this morning.  My book is going to need to be well over 50k words at the rate I'm going, which is fine.  I will be glad to have the rough 50k done by the end of the month regardless.  I gave up on handwriting because it's so much slower and I had to keep stopping to do a word count for each page.  I can type faster and it automatically counts the words for me.  I can also go back and add a sentence here or there when I realize I've missed something crucial, which I couldn't do on paper.  I'm going to try to get the other 21 pages I have left to transcribe done today.  I hadn't realized how out of practice I am with typing without looking at the keyboard.  I haven't done that kind of typing in ages.  But I began the process and have a few thousand words done, just twice as many left to go.  I basically took a nap last night from 8:30-11pm and haven't been back to sleep yet.  Once J gets on the bus to school, I will try to sleep some more before I go to do my mom's nails.

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