Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The end of Preptober

Well, it's finally the end of October, and I can't wait for midnight to get here so I can FINALLY get started on my NaNoWriMo novel that I've been preparing for since September.  Honestly, most of the prep has been acquiring an obscene amount of stationery supplies from overseas.  I first heard of the Oxford Campus Refill Pads (300 pages of 90gsm paper! swoon) from Zoe Kezia in the UK on her YouTube channel a year or two ago and I immediately tried to find them online.  At that time, I couldn't find anyone who would ship to the US. I forgot about it for a while and then rewatched some of her videos and started looking for them again.  I could find them on the UK Staples site, which doesn't ship internationally to the US, so I was still stuck.  I found them on Amazon but they were like $100 for 3 notebooks.  Now, I might be an addict when it comes to paper and writing utensils, but even I'm not paying $33 for a pad of lined paper with a soft cover.  Then, in September, the Amazon-gods suggested the same 3 pack for about $35.  Ok, now I'm sold.  So I order and impatiently check my porch cam every day, waiting for the package to arrive.  And, ta-da, they are as amazing as I expected.  I can use all of my fountain pens without bleeding and only the slightest ghosting with really bold/wet inks.  But...  the notepads are glue bound and you can't really turn the page and write on the back without tearing it out.  And if you want to start a new sheet, the padding glue doesn't really hold on to the previously used pages very well.  So, of course, there I was, on Amazon again, buying the spiral versions of both the A4 & A5 sizes.  The A5 is a little small for me because they have a standard size margin on such a small piece of paper.  But the real genius of these products is that they have the Scribzee markers in the corners so you can take a quick picture of your page when you're done and upload it to the app for safe keeping.  I expect this to be helpful for NaNo, but I've been using the heck out of it for my pen pal letters, which I can now catalog and refer back to, because I have them all organized in folders for each person I write to.  My A4 spirals just came in the mail today, just in time for me to use it for NaNo... where I can write and keep everything intact in one notebook instead of tearing out pages and putting them in a binder. 

     In addition to paper, I've been collecting mechanical and wooden pencils, fountain pen inks,  colored mechanical pencils, erasers, gel pens, you name it.  JetPens has been getting my money for the past few weeks.  I originally planned to use Blackwing 602 pencils but then I got frustrated with their incessant need to be sharpened.  I found BIC Velocity 0.9 mechanical pencils and replaced their lead with my preferred 2B grade and fell in love.  5 of them weren't enough, so I ordered another dozen.  I have a hoarding problem, as you know.  I sat and replaced all the lead in them with the 2B.  I had previously picked up some Twist-Erase GT pencils that are only a 0.5 and some 2B lead, which I like for my bullet journal, but the thicker lead and broader line is more appealing for some reason. 

     Today I bought my final purchase of the month from JetPens - several more tin pencil cases (I freakin LOVE the one I got ... it holds my fountain pens, gel pens, pencils, ruler, erasers, and extra lead tubes), some red pens for editing, a paint pen to mark the various pencil cases, a pencil board (A4 size - pencil transfers to the next page if you write on the back - only downside to that Oxford paper that I have found), a folding ruler for my bullet journal, some Bande Washi Tape that's really Gerbera Daisy stickers, and some Tombow Mono Edge highlighters that can be used against a straight edge without ruining the tips.  That should all keep me going for the month of November while I'm in a forced No Spend month to get my finances in better shape.  Since I will be working my full-time job and writing a ton, I hopefully won't miss my splurges on stationery.  Or yarn.  No spend applies to that as well. 

     Now, I was thinking about cheating and starting Nano today while I'm off work (the joys of call center work - days off in the middle of the week).  But then my daughter had an off-night and had to miss school and my whole day got thrown out of whack.  So, now I'm blogging instead of working on my story. I'm really worried that the starting gun shot is gonna go off and I'm gonna draw a blank.  Also, I have work tomorrow so I'm gonna be excited to start writing but also too geared up to sleep. 

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