Sunday, April 29, 2018

Toronto Haul / Internet Binge

Last weekend my boyfriend & I trekked up to Toronto, Canada.  I dragged him to 2 different yarn shops while we were there (Romni & Yarnsomniacs).  It happened to be Local Yarn Store Day, so I got a deal on Saturday at  Romni Wool Co.  Romni is a huge, 2 floor store that sells just about everything that has ever been produced.  I purchased a sweater quantity of Malabrigo Rios in Purple Mystery to make a Worsted Boxy. I also got a yarn that is put up in a hank of narrow knitted fabric like a sock blank called Magic Kettle.  I got 2 different clearance cotton blend yarns, one is a chain construction (Rowan Softknit Cotton) and the other is a tape or ribbon (Schachenmayr Batiko Sun), to make the KISS scarf from CozyUp Designs. Then I got 2 different super bright sock yarns, 
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Neon & Lang Yarns Super Soxx Cashmere Color 4 ply.  And some sparkly purple patterned sock yarn that I think was on clearance called Rico Design Superba Las Vegas Superwash 4 fädig.  The haul was expensive, but I was thrilled to get the Malabrigo in a sweater quantity, since my LYS only has a hank or two of each color left.  And I really wanted to use the yarn that Joji designed it for.  

On Sunday morning we went to Porch Swing Yarnsomniacs, where I tried to stay focused and I picked up 3 sets of Zing dpns and a new measuring tape.  I wanted to cast on the cotton K.I.S.S. scarf for the ride home.  I really wish I would have picked up more at that store, since it was small and I know the purchase probably would have meant more to them than some of the other places I buy yarn.  But my boyfriend was there, and it was hard to justify another large purchase.

Of course, a few days later, I was watching Joji Locatelli's youtube video and she recommended a yarn I haven't used before, Madelinetosh Work Sock.  So I checked out the website and next thing I know, I'm purchasing 5 skeins of the yarn online.  The next day I decide to splurge on Signature needles.  I got 10" size 10's to use to make scarves and a set of size 1 dpns to make socks.  I've heard great things about these needles, and I hope they live up to their reputation or I will be pissed at the amount of money I spent on them.  But if they are as good as I expect them to be, I will consider it an investment in my craft. 

And then I was watching CozyUpWithTheStitchinSisters and begged to be a test knitter for a pattern they are working on for a 1 skein sock weight shawl.  I have the ball of cashmere blend that I bought at Romni that is begging to be a shawl because it's a non-repeating rainbow stripe yarn, and I don't want to have mismatched socks.  I was bouncing up & down in my seat when I got the response that I could be a tester later that evening while we were out to dinner.  I don't know what size needle I will need for that project, so I checked my needle inventory and noticed I was missing a few sizes yet of Chiao Goo Red Lace needles.  Just in case those were the sizes I needed, I hopped onto Amazon and ordered those. 

My credit cards and my family aren't thrilled with me, but I'm still feeling ok yet.  I've got plenty of yarn to keep me going without buying more for quite a while now.  Yarn diet time.  I'm gonna set the goal of no new yarn until September - when the next yarn festival in my area will happen.  I've also purchased bulk stitch markers on ebay & amazon, and generic cotton/linen drawstring bags to use for projects.  Unless these Signature needles prove to be magic, I'm done with acquisitions for quite a while.  I have cotton to make dishcloths, sock yarns to make shawls or socks, acrylics to make blankets or monsters, and worsted blend yarns to make tanks or short sleeve tops. 

Since I've been spending so much time knitting, I'm spending all my time sitting.  Not good for my body.  So yesterday I made another middle of the night splurge purchase - a Spin bike.  I already own a treadmill I've used twice since we moved it to our house almost 2 years ago.  It's out in the sun room and there are no lights out there, so when I would usually try to use it at night, I don't have a light to turn on and don't really want people watching me work out.  The bike will hopefully go in the family room where I can use my ipad to watch SpinTV or perhaps download the Peloton app.  I couldn't afford a Peloton bike like a couple friends have gotten, but the app is only $12.99/month, whereas the bike requires a $39.95/month subscription to the service for some reason.  The bike I bought only cost $410 with shipping and comes with a year to SpinTV, compared to a $1995 bike that requires at least a 12 month subscription to the service.  I'm gonna wait for the bike to get here before I buy a new seat cushion or a whole new seat.  The one time I took a spin class, I killed my fanny.  But I like the idea of spinning and I know that it burns more calories than anything else I like to do.  And I can do it while watching TV or Youtube in my PJs and without taking a shower beforehand.  The gym I belong to is really low budget, but even I have to take a shower and put on real clothes before I go there. 

One of the reasons I wanted to have the gym equip at home was that I got a new job I will be starting in a couple weeks.  It's going to be good money but sucky hours.  I'm gonna be looking to exercise in the middle of the night when I get home, or first thing when I wake up in the morning, before I get showered and dressed for work in the afternoon.  My weight loss journey is not going to become a failure story, I am determined to get back to my goal weight, which is about 25 pounds less than I weigh now.  I'm going to start buying real food and eating at home more, and cutting out all the regular soda I've gotten accustomed to drinking at work.  My new job will have no physical exercise so I need to be more careful about my diet and get exercise outside of work. 

Back to knitting - I finished the body of my Easy One tonight and that was so exciting.  Just 2 sleeves and the neck to do.  I'm not sure if I'll be getting it done in time to wear before next fall.  It's a light-weight sweater in a pale green, so I might be able to wear it for a while yet at night if I go out.  The worsted Boxy is on it's 3rd skein of Rios.  The usual suggestion to alternate skeins is one I probably should have taken, but I've never done it before and decided not to do it this time either.  That means the bottom few inches are a totally different shade of purple than the next 2 sections that are more of a royal purple instead of a goth-y deep purple.  When I bought the yarn I thought it was much deeper than it's knitting up.  I'll probably keep working on that until Jamie gets back to me with the pattern for the test knit, which will be my only project while I'm working on it because they want it to be done in a week.  I think I should be fine knitting a 100g ball of fingering yarn in a week.  Especially with a lacy pattern.  Then there is my cashmere blend sweater project, All The Love, also by Joji ... I'm on the upper front of that, where I need to read each row from the pattern, so that is sidelined for now - mindless knitting is where I'm at this week. 

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