Sunday, March 18, 2018

Moving Forward

So, today I accomplished next to nothing, but I did spend a lot of interrupted periods working on a new afghan that I'm crocheting.  The pattern is based on The Peaceful Easy Blanket by Susan E. Kennedy.  I'm starting with Red Heart Supersaver Ombre Sea Coral.  I started with the foundation chain that the pattern calls for.  But after 15 rows, I got sick of working with the same color.  I changed to the colorway Scuba.  I will do 2 repeats of each of the 5 color stripes. 

I washed my swatch for The Easy One that I knit yesterday with the US4 needles.  But my boyfriend took it out of the washer and set it on top of the dryer instead of running it with the reset of the laundry or smoothing it out as it would be for blocking, so I had to toss it back into the laundry with another load tonight.  I also made a swatch of the same yarn with US3 needles to see which I want to use for the project.  It's crazy how soft the fabric gets when it's washed.  It also gets fuzzy, which I'm not overly thrilled about.  But by tomorrow I should know which needles I need to use for my Easy One project. 

My daughter got to go to Walmart today to pick up a learn to knit kit and yarn to start knitting.  She received the monster knitting books I ordered her from Amazon.  The store she went to today didn't have size 5 dpns, and I know the circular needles are terrible there, so I was back on Amazon to order her a small circular and a set of dpns for when she's ready to try knitting monsters.  She really liked the Mandala yarn better than the Bernat POP! I suggested, so we compromised and she got the Mandala to knit a scarf, and the POP! for her monsters. 

As far as her momma monster that I'm knitting, I got both arms done and one leg I finished ... I just have 1 leg to go, then stitching the face on, stitching up the pockets, stuffing and assembling.  Then I get to do it all again, twice, for the baby monsters. Sigh. 

The Bumblebee socks are on hold because, like a moron, I took out the waste yarn and put the stitches for the heel on a small circ but haven't wound off heel yarn from the ball yet.  The Hermione sock is still ready to go thru the gusset decreases, which I don't feel like concentrating on them right now.  The US 2 needle arrived today for the Sockhead hats I want to make from the hand-dyed yarn I got from Etsy.  That is a nice easy project to take with me - a majority of the knitting is mindless.  And fast, because the needles are so small, it goes quickly with minimal motion.  But I'm trying to stick to the monster project and the crochet afghan for now.  Better to stick to 2 projects and get something accomplished. 

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