Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Knit Monsters

My older daughter has been asking me for knit monsters for about 2 years.  It's the 3 monster set from The Big Book of Knitted Monsters - Leila, Lydia & Lucas.  I've knit them a couple times, or parts of them, anyway.  I never seem to finish them.  This time I've decided I will start & finish the set.  So far, the body of the mommy monster is knit, with 1 of the 2 pockets knit up.  Tomorrow I will knit the other pocket and the arms or legs.  My thumb is sore from working the worsted weight on short-tip size 5 circular interchangeable needles from Knitpicks.  I still need to knit 2 baby monsters, and all the limbs for the 3 monsters.  This is my worsted gauge project for the foreseeable future.

The Chiaogoo 16-inch size 2.5 and 4 needles arrived today.  I left work for lunch so I could open them and cast on the Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure.  I'm using my Beyond the Clouds yarn from SheepyFibres, Etc on Etsy.  This hat will be mine... I can't get over the amazing yarn - Grey with a variegated rainbow every so often.  This will probably take up my sock-gauge knitting time for the next week or so until it's done. 

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