Friday, March 16, 2018

FO - Sockhead Hat for Me!

YAY!  I finished this fine gauge hat in about 72 hours.  I just couldn't put it down because I wanted to wear it so bad.  I cast on with ChiaoGoo 16-inch size US 2.5 needles, and boy did that give me a pretty loose gauge.  I'm too tired to measure right now, but I'm not sure if I just knit it too loose, used too large of a needle, or this yarn is just thinner than I was expecting.  I'm now wondering if I need to rethink my plans for knitting the Easy One on the recommended size 4 needles with fingering yarn, because I certainly don't want a sweater to be see-through like this hat is under lights.  My yarn for the Easy One should be here tomorrow from Knitpicks.  I bought the cheapest Stroll Tonal they had, which was part of the green sale, Matcha.  My ChiaoGoo 32- and 16-inch circs came in the mail this week too.  So I was ready to get to work on that next week, but now I might need to invest serious time into swatching and laundering tests before I actually get going.  I don't need another sweater I can't wear. 

Before I get to the Easy One, I'm going to finish Jo's monsters.  At least the first monster's limbs.  I've never gotten that far before, so it will be a milestone if it actually has arms & legs.  I have the first pocket knit on but not sewn down on the sides yet.  I haven't decided if I'm going to stuff them or send them unstuffed and let her assemble.  I ordered her copies of Rebecca Danger's books, The Big Book of Knitted Monsters and 50 Yards of Fun.  Jo needs to learn to knit before she tries to make the monsters, but she's not really grasping that concept just now.  It's hard for me to try to teach her when she doesn't have access to the internet to watch how-to videos and can only skype with me when her father can set it up for her. 

I spent today knitting and listening to podcasts about knitting.  In addition to The Grocery Girls, The Yarn Hoarder Podcast, Cozy Up with the Stitchin Sisters, Joji and Ladywing Designs, I've begun watching The Sockmatician and Smells Like Yarn.  Ross from Smells Like Yarn actually did a live knit night video tonight that was kinda fun.  I'd seen the Grocery Girls try to do a live podcast one day and had a lot of trouble with it, but couldn't see the comments while watching from my phone, so when Ross went live, I pulled out my laptop so I could see everything. 

One thing that sorta irritated me was when the dishcloths got into the conversation and he had a touch of attitude about Amber (The Yarn Hoarder) making dish cloths.  No, dish cloths are not new.  That isn't the point of Amber talking about them.  She's just doing a personal challenge that her viewers wanted to participate in and they joined in and are knitting dish cloths along with her.  And I think it's cool whenever people are encouraging each other to knit/crochet more, use their stashes, make gifts for their family/friends, etc.  Keep it positive.  A lot of people are going to end the year with 52 dishcloths and a sense of accomplishment and maybe a smaller stash.  Unless they're like me, using it as an excuse to grow the stash.

The Craftsy folks put out their new KAL for Off Our Needles and it's a cotton t-shirt.  Yuck.  After the shawl pattern nightmare, I would have expected them to come up with something a little more universally appealing.  But when you have your KAL hosts both saying they had to hack the pattern to make it to their liking, I'm feeling justified in skipping it altogether.  Plus, the coupon for 50% off still leaves it at $42 with tax & shipping for an XL size.  So, yeah, I'm glad I found Ravelry and when I want to do another knitalong I will probably go with one from the groups I join instead of the commercial ones I started out with.  Craftsy has been downhill after Zadie, which I really enjoyed. 

I'm thinking I might do another podcast tomorrow, or later today actually, since it's 2am already.  I want to show off my finished hat.  Or I might just take some pictures of it in daylight to post and then take a nap.  I have to work 6am-2pm and deal with the truck delivery.  That means I get to scan the boxes and totes as they come off the truck and go into our stock room.  I loved doing it the first time because I'm kinda a natural at it and that impressed the guys I work with and the delivery driver who is a little crazy.  Saturday I have to work 9-5, and then I'm off again on Sunday, so knitting & Nascar are on the agenda.  I think Dan is going to have to get a TV antenna for the living room so that I can watch the races down there and he can watch the tv in the bedroom, because he hates motor sports.  His college roommate liked to make sound effects while watching the races, and he's still traumatized 20 years later. 

Please leave comments if you've found me, and let me know what you're thinking.  I'm starving for feedback.

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