Monday, February 26, 2018

Yarn addiction

Not only do I have a stationery addiction, I also have a fiber addiction.  I'm not sure which is a bigger issue.  Right now I'm all about knitting.  I have at least 6 knitting and 2 crochet projects in the works at the moment.  I've gotten back into watching podcasts from other knitters and am trying to get involved in the Ravelry world.  There just aren't enough hours in the day for all the yarny goodness I want to surround myself with. 

My first project is my birthday present to myself - The Easy Bulky One by Joji Locatelli.  I'm knitting it with Knitpicks Wonderfluff in the color Sweet Pea.  Right now I've got 1 too-narrow sleeve knit on, and I'm working thru the second - big enough, I hope - sleeve.  Assuming the second one fits better, I will frog and redo sleeve 1 to that size.  Then I just have the collar to do, and that project will be done.  I'm kind of sick of the color, so it will be good to have it off the WIP pile.   I have plenty of yarn left, since this wasn't the same weight as the yarn that was called for, I bought the larger of the length/weight measurements, which turned out to be about 5 or 6 balls too much yarn.  I will turn the excess into a baby sized generic blanket or maybe stash it for a hat/mitts/scarf next year... I'm not in the mood to knit an actual pattern with it this year. 

I'm also knitting a pair of socks from Knitpicks Felici Worsted in the Hopscotch colorway and using the Blueberry Waffles pattern for my daughter.  I was originally knitting her a Scania Shawl from the Off Our Needles Craftsy KAL, but then realized that for safety reasons she's not allowed to wear shawls.  So that project is on hold (I only have the final edge mock cables/bind off to do) for now.  I'm on the second sock in the pair and can't wait for that project to be done with as well.  I struggled with sock #2 keeping up with the 2 row repeat for some reason.  She's 15 and won't care that there are some wonky spots, I'm sure. 

I'm on the heel flap of sock #1 in a pair for my boyfriend made out of Lang Jawoll Color.  I'm knitting a vanilla sock with a heel flap using the included reinforcement thread.  This is only the 2nd time I've tried using reinforcement thread, and I'm not really a fan, since it seems to make the sock fabric rigid.  I'm afraid that it's not going to stretch enough to fit D's heel. 

I'm just about to start the heel for my own socks, which are vanilla socks as well, but I think I might try the Fish Lips Kiss heel on them.  They are made out of BMFA Colossal Patch of Sour Watermelon yarn that I got from Simply Sock Yarn Company in the fall to prepare for knitting socks for Christmas gifts.  Then my daughter had a health crisis and my plans went out the window and I was left with an abundance of sock yarn and no energy with which to knit. 

I'm also knitting Gramma's Dishcloth by PJ Allen for Amber @ The Yarn Hoarder's challenge to knit a dishcloth every week of 2018.  I got a late start (mid-February), so I'm only on my 2nd one.  But I have quite a stash of cotton yarn that I am happy to have a purpose for. 

I want to get thru the sweater project so that I can get to the point that I'm only working on socks for a while.  They are more portable and I'm enjoying working on the 9" circular needles I've started collecting.  And I have so much fun sock yarn in my stash, and I want to start knitting stuff with speckles and stellina and socks blanks, and I can't justify buying that stuff until my stash actually fits in my happy room instead of all over the house. 

I updated my Ravelry username to myShannanigans, so please, follow me there if you want. 

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