Friday, July 14, 2017

Moving in with a Deluxe Mr. Darcy from Chic Sparrow

Kara's post, I'm Moving into a Traveler's Notebook! | Boho Berry, really inspired me to research leather covers for my notebooks.  I have purchased fabric covers for composition books (one etsy order was a fiasco that I never actually received, the other I got but wasn't thrilled with the material I chose), but I really liked the idea of a leather cover.  I have vinyl travelers notebook covers I've picked up at Michaels and made myself, but those weren't cutting it for me either.  So, I spent a week or two drooling over the covers at Chic Sparrow and tried to find something comparable but less expensive.  Like tattoos, cheap work isn't good and good work isn't cheap.  There really isn't a substitute I could find for the Pocket Plus size that Chic Sparrow offers.  It will hold 6 Field Notes or Moleskine notebooks.

I knew I wanted the Plus size so that it could hold plenty of notebooks and the Deluxe that has pockets on the inside.  Then the search turned to the styles and colors that were in stock.  I had no patience to wait for colors to come back in stock, so I went with my 3rd choice of color, Martini, in the Deluxe Mr Darcy.  It is close to the color of my current Leuchtturm bullet journal, a nearly lime green.  I got my name embossed on the front because, why not?  And I couldn't just order a pack of Field Notes, or even use the ones I'd already acquired, I had to sign up for the quarterly subscription package to ensure I never run out of notebooks to put into Mr Darcy.

Right now, I'm not sure if I will completely replace my bullet journal in my Leuchtturm for this smaller version.  Going from an A5 down to a little more than an index card is a dramatic downsize.  But right now I have some projects going on that need their own space, and the ability to have 6 individual notebooks on hand and at the ready is appealing.  At the moment, I've got a bullet journal notebook, a Craft Room-slash-Office Remodel notebook, a Postcrossings notebook (international postcard exchange site - with drafts of the postcards I've sent, their tracking numbers and addresses of recipients), and a "friends & family" postcard drafts notebook.  The current set of Field Notes is the Campfire set, so I put the 3 of those, one standard kraft notebook, and 2 Shenandoah notebooks.  I haven't decided what the 2 unused notebooks are going to be for yet, but I'm sure having the notebook with me tomorrow for the first time will give me a good idea of what I need to put in it.  The leather notebook is so precious it even came wrapped in a flannel bag to keep it cozy.  I can't wait to get done with this post so that I can play around with my new toy.

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  1. I have alot of diaries that have leather covers and they really look so good. They have pockets in them to put your pens and other stuff.