Friday, June 2, 2017

Hobby Addiction

Part of the difficulty of hoarding is that we tend to attract hobbies that require various and different materials.  Someone who plays sports might accumulate sports balls for each sport, but the space that takes up is limited.  Someone who is addicted to many hobbies that are artistic and is a hoarder is like a kiss of death.  I knit, crochet, sew, quilt, journal, read, color, brush letter, glam plan, etc.  I've gotten back into the Zentangle groove.  I purchased 3 new books (one of which I'm not even sure when/where I ordered it from, but it arrived today) on how to do it, and an album to store my finished tiles.  This means I realized I needed new pens because, hey, I might run out or lose one or damage the tip.  Luckily I found my box of cut paper from when I first discovered this art form 3 years ago, but I'm tempted to buy the art tiles that they prescribe in the book I'm working from just because the paper quality is better.  Amazon Prime makes it way too easy to hop online and buy everything in 2 seconds flat.  I'm also getting back into the brush lettering challenge run by RandomOlive on IG.  I use watercolors and a waterbrush and trace on her practice sheets.

The reason that I'm getting back into these 2 hobbies I've dabbled in before is for their calming, meditative properties.  I have been having rapid cycling of manic and depressive episodes lately.  I'm trying to pay attention to them, get proper sleep, and spending time with my headphones on so that I don't get overwhelmed.  D has been away on business, so I've been working with my natural patterns, not distracted by his schedule and habits.

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  1. loved to see your print and paper calligraphy and your awesome reviews, i enjoyed a lot to go through your blog, just amazing, thanks for sharing ,keep it up.